Tuesday, January 24, 2017

JD TX starter/gen parts ?

For you new up coming Tech's . Don't always believe the source .
This kind of problem will come up occasionally with all colors of gear . 
Using this recent issue for an example . (Love my TX gators )
We have 8 of the tx gators here . During the warranty  period I had one that quit on the course ,discharged battery . After checking battery I pulled the plugs covering the brushes on starter/generator and noticed they we worn down.... one brush was past the holder and not contacting the armature well . No problem starter/gen sent out under warranty . I did check the other 7 to notice that 2 more were looking pretty worn out . I did get a response that they will look into it but...never heard back . Later on mentioned it again to the dealer . Again no response . Time past and warranties ran out . 
During the winter maintenance I have a couple that the brushes are worn to or past the holders . 500 hours seems like pretty rapid wear .  

2 look pretty good two are worn down quit a bit .
No problem I'll just order new brushes .

Looking up part # Hmm I see part# for starter/generator breakdown but list on left and picture shows it as 1 unit . 
2 Dealers later I find out that parts are not available ?
A new starter is going to be on the high end off $$$$.$$.
Why would I throw out a perfectly good starter just because of no parts availability.   

fairly common starter /gen  

Taking brush measurements 

Asked the Toro dealer (Veseys )if they can match them up .

and they got the exact match part # 103347310 .

While waiting for part I asked on Twitter and my go to tech site Golftechs about what they were doing to fix their starter / generators . Lots of answers and part # from the guys from different sources but one answer really stuck out from a guy out West . He just got it from his dealer ? 

an there it is . All the searching and running around to find it at the dealer ! 
Talked to one of my dealers and he only looked at the diagram not realizing there was a parts break down in the description of part section . 

But still that was the # I gave them to look up at the beginning of this circle .

Sometimes you have to dig deep especially if you have multiple units


  1. I use jdparts.deere.com, it's the parts catalog for every Deere equipment new and old. It helps to avoid little hiccup's like this, super helpful and my daily go to. I even use it on my phone while I'm on the course with a problem unit.

  2. Not a hiccup! parts# was given correctly the first time from parts cd for tx gator .Same one from the site you listed above which I also use .Maybe actually read the blog .

    1. I read this blog twice and now a 3rd to make sure I was reading it right.
      "Talked to one of my dealers and he only looked at the diagram not realizing there was a parts break down in the description of part section."...this it what I was referring to as the hiccup. It still sounds like a hiccup, to me, on the dealer's end. I've had similar situations pop up on me before and once I found jdparts I've been able to eliminate some possible dealer hiccups and also some hiccups on my end. I mention it because it helped me, just like your blogs can help technicians (myself included) with similar situations and give them an idea on how to overcome them.
      FYI, I've read a lot of your blogs and find them helpful, I check in often for updates my down time. Thanks for posting them.

    2. Thanks Daniel . I try to keep it neutral as much as possible .