Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Solving Tire mounting issues

We always wanted turf friendly type tires for the XUV. After ordering the front set from JD I wasn't to impressed about the price 376 $ Canadian each. Tread pattern is a little aggressive. Looking in the Vickers catalogue I seen a set with the turf type thread for fronts and rears. Just getting the fronts for now. 200$ Canadian was a great deal even after getting dinged a hefty restocking fee I'm still ahead by 202$. Lesson learned.  

Good quality Carlisle tire. Very rarely do I not have to clean up molding dimples that prevent a good seal. Tire beads where almost touching each other.

First tire didn't go well. Front side broke no issue, but rear was a no go.  

Wound up using everything you see on scissor lift. 

Cut off wheel was the only way to carefully cut through many steel bead strands. There had to be a better way. Posted on twitter and @jaydotseedot had an idea he had not tried yet. It made sense to so I gave it a go.

This time I broke inside bead first. Putting down pressure and hitting it with and air hammer as close to clamp as possible it broke free fairly easily 

Ever try to install a tire from the rear bead? It doesn't work lol. To get this tire on the rim looks impossible but if you flip it over with valve stem pointing down and locking an air feed on valve stem then hitting it with an air blaster it will go on in one try. Because of the bigger offset on the rear side the blaster works more effectively. This tire I'm pretty sure would not go on otherwise with my system. 

popped right on 

Looks great too.

Friday, April 2, 2021

Reel Turftechs podcast

 Here’s a link to some great content out on by Trent Manning .  

Great to hear from guys you meet on social media and forums 

Some pretty cool content. Give it a go . You’ll be surprised how similar we all are . 

I made the cut lol . Enjoy

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Triplex HOC framing to simulate mowing on lift

For years I've had an idea of trying to adjust HOC on lift as if it were mowing.

On twitter @jaydotseedot and I were hashing around ideas about how to do it.

Here is what was (we (sound board)) made today.

Started of putting our triplex on my lift and laying a few items out. The 2500 E reels are of set to the wheels. So, fabricating to my machine and HOC gauge.

My lift tri pods came in handy. Laying out the first piece. 1.5"square tube stock one eight thick.

Test fitting to see what's going to work.

Decided to go under the main rail on the front two reels. Mocked up some upright pieces.

21" reels, decided to go with 2"angle 8" apart to support reels in center. That will leave room for HOC gauge on the ends.

Side view.

Of set to one set to catch rear reel in the middle. Also cut the main rail directly under front of flat plate by rear tire.

Starting to weld up and tac a few pieces till final idea is made.

If I were to do this again, I'd have put more down pressure on supports to get full contact on 4 corners then tac angle and uprights .

checking to see if gauge can be just as easily used as before.

No problem.

Have the rear section figured out so I only have to use one jack stand.

This idea was perfect, as long as there was room under lift to tip it down to remove or install.

It was easy to use, took less than 10 seconds to set up. Super easy when lift was up all the way or near then install jig and lower lift onto it. If you need to move it up more, I could use the screw part of tripod.

Ready for priming and paint. Glad I left it long in front on main rail, I can get my shoulder under it and slide tripod in without having to over raise lift.

Here it is finished with the one tripod. 

You tube vid showing the easy access for gauge and adjustment. 

Had one comment from one of the fellas about you should take shop temperature and outside temperatures to have a more accurate (sarcasm) HOC setting!

He is totally right in how crazy we are at getting to ultimate HOC going out the door of the shop.

You can have the best 2 foot thick granite bench plate, the best HOC gauge, the best set up and grinding regime to have a hotdog go out and bounce around short cuts to the first green throwing all your work of or worst bending something up or hitting objects on the way then mowing all 18 greens. Don't laugh I've seen it done in the past. Hitting sprinkler heads or valve box covers. To me if you hit something it should be your job to repair that area so it doesn't happen again. Plain and simple.  

My reasoning for my build is when I set my reels of my grinder (using similar idea) I found checking them again hanging on lift I have seen as much as .010", now on most cuts above .150" you may not even notice it on the greens, but mowing at .120" or less things start to show. 

For me it was something I've been meaning to do to keep grinds from grinder set up and lift the same . 

Side note, next time your bench setting cut and HOC flip it to mow position and see how much tighter reel is to bedknife . Same goes for roller bearings.The play between a fair to good  race and ball bearings can be as much as .010".

Trying it out all season and see if it's worth the effort .  

Update later .  



Monday, March 29, 2021

John Deer TX gator backfiring issue finally solved

I've been chasing down a backfiring issue for weeks last season. I noticed had that I had not blogged about it.

Found only a few pictures on my phone. 

This machine had lost the exhaust right at the head once. Originally thought maybe A burnt valve.

Checked everything in service CD. Replaced fuel filter, fuel pump, made sure throttle valve closed all the way. Even pull carb and cleaned up and check float setting. Lastly, I replaced the coil figuring it was breaking down once it was hot. 

It would only backfire after 5 or 10 minutes and on long runs downhill then letting off on throttle. 

Nothing worked, problem just remained the same no matter what I did.

So I decided to pull the engine and removed the head to see if there was a burnt valve. 

To my surprise everything looked great.  

I assumed the engine was basically as the club Car until I seen this reed valve. Following where the passages went it seem to be some sort of PVC system. Exits out by the valves. Or could also be what gives the fuel pump its pulse. 

The reed valve looked damaged so decided to replace it and backing plate.

Green circle above shows where it's located.


Side view of reed valve. Used a bit of red loc-tight and torqued to spec and made sure it was over the port. 
After reassembling and adjusting valves etc. Surprisingly has never backfired since. 
It was a real head scratcher and thought to post it incase it's one of those one-off issues that come across once in a lifetime.  

Friday, February 12, 2021

Toro HDXD inner tie-rod bending issues fix (testing)

We are have an issue with the inner tie rods bending . We get a couple of them bent during the season . Not sure what causes this but we do have paved cart paths coupled with the tight turning radius might have something to do with it ?

 @jaydotseedot on Twitter suggest tie rod sleeves .Never heard of them before . Apparently used for lifted trucks with bigger tires .  

Tie rods are bending up like pretzel's on the threaded area . Toro only sells the complete assembly $$$.$$ 
So I've found them at local car parts store from 15$ to 75$  It is an ES-3488 . They are slightly shorter but do work . 

Well built and solid 

Testing it out on the top dresser this season 

They tend to top dress in the evening .Trying to avoid issues when I'm not around . We have 3 HDXD units here . all three have had the same issues . If it works on the top dresser I may do the rest next winter . Or order another kit to put in parts room . 

As per usual take seats shifting knob lever too off and remove seat cab . Pretty use to it now comes apart fairly quickly 

Take cotter pin out , remove outer tie rod nut . I use a 5 pound maul and give it a good smack on knuckle . Remove outer tie rod and nut . Mark nut on threads on side facing in towards center of machine .Count the threads. That will get you close enough . 


If its an old tie rod clean it off well including the threads . I put a dab of grease inside sleeve to coat it . Thread it on to the counted thread area. Install outer tie rod and reassemble .Snug sleeve and outer tie rod tight . Was very easy to do . On this side you could tell tie rod had a little bend already . Brand new mid summer . 

 This side threaded on easily . Seems the damage mostly happens on passenger side . 

Part of being a golf equipment mechanic , you have to figure out a better way to solve equipment reoccurring issues on your course .

Update later on too how it did . 

Sunday, February 7, 2021

Toro 5800 pump change to HYPRO D115 3 Diaphragm pump

Bobs Shop: Toro 5800 pump Heads wearing out (

Continuation .

There are a few of us with a reoccurring pump and or head failures . I'll try to be fair in this post Toro did replace most of our pumps ,heads etc. after the fact .Even went as far as asking one of their guys vacationing up here to pop in and check out our SET UP and operation ... talking to spray tech and salesman was also there . He wanted all the pumps and heads sent back and shipped us this last pump. 

It was looking pretty good almost 600 hours but after pulling a few heads I could see the issue is not going to go away . Repairing out of pocket to have it fail every year or bye yearly doesn't make sense . Parts for these pumps are very expensive . For the price of 4 hardened heads we could go a different option and install a new aftermarket system . 

This was the last pump we received under 600 hours .Lasted 3 times longer than some of them .

Still getting a lot of scaling  

They get very thin in this area . 

We have a pre mixing tank prior to going into our sprayer . Yes its flushed out and tank cleaner is used occasionally during the season . 

I use to get great feed back from service tech or salesman or sometimes Toro but in this case there was zero feed back about our issue or what possibly could be going on .

So now we have to move on from throwing $$$$.$$ at an unresolved problem . 

And I'll leave it there 

Going through Halifax Seed Turf we purchased ALLTURF precision TECHNOLGIES Hypro D115 3 diaphragm pump .

A little walk around and un boxed parts for retro fit kit specific to the Toro 5800 change over . 

My kit included the common items needed for this model . Ours machine  has a few bells and whistles so I need an additional item . Frank and Wray where 100% engaged on any questions I had and replied promptly to resolve them .Made the retro fit stress free . 

Came in one little package .Frank and also Callum both sent me PDF files for me to look over before arrival . For the guys that do sprayers all the time the instructions are pretty good . For the rest of us keep reading my blog . Very surprised at speed of delivery too.  

Getting these pins in where a treat. No press here for that set up . I put that part on the horn of my anvil and started one of the roll pins .

Need to support the end . Didn't want to bend anything up .

This set up worked great . I was able to drive them in flush . 

I'm using blue Loctite for vibration . Looked up some torque specs for bolt ( none in manual ) I went with 54 ft.lbs . 3 shiny or chrome plated ones ,flat washer and lock washer attach the 1" shaft. 

If you pull up on torque wrench by pipe wrench they torque up great . 

Before attaching mount clean these threads out . That way you won't have to fight with it . It's fairly tight spot 

The longer one goes in the rear mount you just cleaned out 

Leave the front two bolts loose till rear gets started in well . Gives you a little wiggle room . Tolerance after assembled is snug . 

Pic of rear mount again .

Done ready for install .

Now onto hoses and hose questions . Instructions doesn't mention this white hose location . I'll get back to that later . 

Remove suction hose from top back of tank . The one the guys are always removing to clean screens .Save the red connection part it's being reused . 

Remove all hoses in instructions . It was pretty straight forward .

I may reinstall my manifold filter to protect and avoid having individual nozzle screens . Worst case scenario I could just leave screen out if there is any issues .  

Drilling 1 5/8" hole . One time deal here . Check the underside too before drilling . You need it to be a flat surface on both sides. The manual had a great trick off placing the tank fill screen inside to catch the debris. 

Perfect location for ours . 

Didn't realize how thick they are . 

This is why I asked you to keep following along . Upside down !!lol I was told . Goes the other way and the 90 elbow goes inside the tank along with the clear tubing . Instructions are lacking here for us guys that don't work on sprayer everyday . Plus it's a different system install . The old OEM pressure relief has been removed . 

Softening the hose in a bath of hot water makes them slide on easy . This is the hose that goes inside the tank where the cut out was made . 

The missing link lol .I think a thread / spigot male was sent by mistake . Not a big deal . 

Attach relief valve parts as per manual. 

Missing the key too . The OEM will not work on pump side .has to be square stock .

My shop has a fair amount of hardware . Key stock was in stock 


Reusing the Toro OEM coupler . Attach  it to pump drive . Using a bungie to hold drive in place .

Test fit .

Heights good with provided shims . Slide onto coupler easily. 

OEM hole will have to be re-drilled . I transferred edges of pump bracket to base with a white marker pen .

Easiest way I found to make a template.

Cut out 

Use special Bobs Shop tape . Nothing else works , 

Drill out in 3 drill bit size steps .  

Another little set back . Spacer bracket holes don't line up either . I used a step drill bit and widened the holes out till it fit . It's just a spacer . 

Final fitting . Good to go .

Pump is in .

Copper anti seize the coupler before final assembly and tighten bolts . I do the ones on the key first. 

Install the guard . Had to tweak it out a bit . Was pretty close to rubbing . 

Walk around video .

This one is part of the old relief valve system and can be capped . Their sending one out soon  .

Time to attach hoses up . 

Softening the big suction hose .

I you twist it clockwise as viewed in pick it will go on easily . The big wrap coils release tension this way .  

Suction hose is on . Only 5 points of possible suction leaks . OEM I counted 15 .

Black hose is pretty soft . Join from valve bank to other side of pump. Leave enough slack to splice the T in .   

I splice mine directly over this valve . 

Attach another piece of hose to run up to top of tank where relief valve will be mounted on pressure side instead of OEM suction side .

The 90 goes inside tank on clear hose .I went and got he missing male treaded coupler to put relief valve on here . Black hose from T connects to it . 

Looks great . Like have the extra room around pump area . 

Shorten up the green hose a bit and still my pre manifold filter  

Stacked a couple of threaded nipples an installed relief valve .Also picked up a gauge for adjustment later

Just received the one piece suction tube. Toro #121-5003

It should eliminate 7 more points that air could possible get in on suction side 

Fits right on OEM screen assembly 

Goes right into drain at bottom of tank .

Just waiting on flow valve kit and it will be finished . 

95% done . 

I'll be updating later on setting up relief valve and how its going for the first season . 

flow valve kit installed 

Topping up back pressure diaphragm before first start up . 

Measuring 100 gallons to test flow manager reading

You can laugh but I've dump and lost track do to other things that come up in this business . My dump tracker.

Tried to set up pressure relief as per instruction . Had a few problems with spiking pressure etc. when agitation or nozzle pressure dropping out when activated . So Halifax Seed Turf wanted to drop in a see it running . Explained what was going on and between us (Mostly Callum ) figured it out . Very similar to JD sprayer set up .

We had to set the agitation at a desired setting and also the boom sprayer pressure . Then do the set up in instructions . This agitation valve cannot be moved after setting or it will throw every thing out of whack . So we removed the handle ,

Capped it 

Then taped it to prevent slight vibration from moving it . Or being tampered with accidentally .  

Checking for individual boom control pressure . These controls don't need tampering with . 

The guys went out and used the rate preset and the pro controller takes care of boom or multi boom pressure . keeps them the same . Assistant (Joel) says its working great now . Phew !!!

Great agitation and nozzle pressure

Just calibrate the rest in the spring and we will be good to go . 

Looking good so far .

Post an update next winter when I install a kit in and check the pump over . 

This is a long blog but with limited skills and my blog very easy install .