Saturday, January 15, 2022

Some highlights of one turf tech daily/yearly operations

What does a turf equipment mechanic do? 

Small sample of everyday life scenarios .

The Links at Brunello when every one does their part as a team .

Make an eccentric bolt till part arrives .One went missing ?

Grow in pics are awesome 

keeping your eye open and see if a job can be made easier for the staff and sometimes it's a double bonus and is also easier on gear. Fert spreader rack (single ) been making these way before they got popular .

center reel on greens mower  looks off in this nice picture 

Double duty . Mid season repairs on rental carts . Full house means more$$$

Get use to this scene . Happens every other day .

Trouble shooting 101 look for the obvious 

Great looken course 99% of the time .

The big fertilizer spreader seem to be always in the way ? build a wheel stand for it .

Belt install on a MH400 warranty work. You have to think outside the box to get it done . 

More builds to keep debris out from between box . In house fab . credit goes to Chad Braun on the design.

Some times repair your tools .

Make your own hardline for throttle cables . 

bedknife rack out of gueesed it spent bedknives 

Staffer needed a little work on the bike . 

To cheap to buy one . range ball knocked the OEM one out . drill and tapped a new one in 

Does it work? I dun no, but it gives me a piece of mind and I haven't had any issues .

make custom tools out of good sockets in a pinch 

Build request fabs for the spreader . Like the cat walk . They love it .

pro core trailer . The original lol.
Makes for a quicker job .

yes trouble shooting new snow making machines . Solved by adding venting .

when you get tired of the same old damage you fix it with scrap parts and solve it for the last time .

Club car leaf spring = best hold down clamp ever 

Junked engine gave me the opportunity to practice broken stud removal . Sharpening up skills when i have time  

The retrieved some of the missing parts ,
had to fab up the rest.

creature comforts for the slow pokes 

always a good day when the idler pully goes for a walk and takes out everything including the rad. Bearing is now replaced once a season 12$ verses 900$+   

figuring out finger savers for the crew . Believe me I've done it and had it done to me .

great irrigation fabrication to bring the shop with you

Oh crap how did I fix this now . 

Trailer extension for walk push rotary mowers 

TX spipper holders worked out great ,easy to use 

My helper and trainee, great 11 student . A natural fit !!!! moved on to make more $$$ was his goal to go out west as a heavy equipment mechanic . 

LED light upgrade for when you are done with that garbage OEM set up. 2 or 3 seasons not one failure 

sometimes a snow maker pump craps out . Wasn't salvageable 

Student has good welding skills and helped build a pro core trailer for a different course .

Another head scratcher . Plastic doesn't hold seals in . here was my fix . 

easier access to rad on a 5800

For when the boss needs a special job done . You figure something out .

I will shop around when prices are unreasonable . at the time OEM 200$ amazon finds are around 35$ Now but I have not seen one return to shop after repair .

you will never see it all !!!!! from past experience always check the fuel ... well in this case bar oil ...why ? ......????

Always looking around at what other techs are doing and came up with this idea to get mowing condition HOC set up after a grind . 


cracked the frame . had to buy a big puller kit to get it back where it should be and also reenforced the front end . Slow and easy and 90 to a curb . they don't like side impacts on tip of tracks 

saggy hitch ... no problem

Makin my own OEM style HDXD wheel bearing . I'm to cheap to pay 600$ + at the time . 135 still sounded expensive but with a little modifying worked out great .  

And lasted twice as long . Have gone through these like candy during warranty .... no idea 

Made my own spinner paddles . 3 seasons now on them . slight wear . pic was when they where first installed 

stitcher and plastic repair . not perfect but at least presentable .

missing knobs ,I use the natural resources provided by the course lol  

built a tip rack or two for spray tech . my design 

any one seeing this gets it 

low maintenance  ball picker . I call her the Iron Maidan  

gouge out and reweld . A season away from letting go . 

If they are straight i'll fill the wear area with weld and grind out 

Bring a friend spreader . the guys love this one 

With these morning work outs you stay in shape . 

weld in agitator for big spreader . no more clogging  

When in doubt weld it out seems to work most of the time .

When Ryan meets the grow in mesh 

Nasty and burnt up all the belts too . The fun never stops 

my go too alignment machine . old school . 

old meets new tech . Don't miss those 3810s . Cut great but reely high maintenance when it came down to grinding them . The machine electrical issues would make a seasoned tech pull out his/her remaining hair . I did this set up at last place when we only bought one 5410 . So it help with the visual quality of cut between the 2 machines .  

recipe for pancake tires .

The time we needed two machines out on rough and the return spring let go .Saved the day till part came in 

after exhausting all your resource for a back firing issue find out its this reed valve in the head on a TX gator 

need to replace a pin in an awkward spot . make a holder 

built a toe truck . uses tipping of box or 3 point on tractor 

making the shifting mount a bit beefier after twisted the old one off on a HDXD

relay light board build to deal with extra lighting on sprayer that kept shutting off the diesel engine randomly .

some big build for the club house . 3D real estate and course layout board . 

Yes those diaphragms on sprayer pumps need a shot of air or should be checked . 15 PSI is good or half the spray pressure .

dismal experience with the OEM pump made good on warranty work but of no use after the fact . was never resolved sad to say . We went this route and we are happy with the choice . worked flawlessly all season 

Used the old valve to calibrate and agitation . Pulled the handle off so it couldn't be knock out by accident .

for when a nut wont stay in place on the box blade . can you say locked down .

honing out some skills . thought this bedbar was a gonner .managed to save it after all. 

ya its a thing . its been around quite a while on bernhard grinders 

Fab this up here for dew dragging till we recently received a fairway roller .  Blower on gator stays there . great for tight areas . also done before it was a thing . Seen something similar on one of Hectors shop videos a long time ago I do believe . 

nut ? dont know? ...  gremlins ? made something that worked out great .


up and reground a ready to mow in no time .

More tool modifying . reel hubs on a jac . 

pye tape . another important tool to have .

small engine issues . pull the exhaust . only takes a second to see if its toast. if not start trouble shooting .


I repaired it with an amazon knock off . It was a side of the road pick up. 50$ for a 299$ saw + my free time made for a good occasional use saw for home . 

for when the OEM screens are not working for you . recycled bedknives and scrape pile finds and they never had issues again . 

what a clean retro fit set up 

fixed up the old belt drive divot mixer to chain drive as a back up .

another twitter find build . puller for those water pump style roller bearings 

hand blower holder turned out great .

found this the best way to install bushings with limited tools . 

grow thick skin , top dressing is a necessary evil 

hate it when you order a tool and you need one now . made one for now 

not in a million years would I thought this would work 

slowly falling decks on our 7400 was a relief valve . Check hydro circuit and this was in the circuit that made sense but in true JD fashion impossible to find lol 

Can we still tow the trailer ..... that's a no from me lol

2 missing 3 broken studs

more straightening of bendy bits and reinforcing . not much to these frames . looks like just stamped out parts . 

XUV  making a loud noise . It will do that when you use this for a tow bar bending it so far it rides on both axles . Also welded in an actually tow hook . 

Maine engine seal on a 2500E . says to remove engine which involved removing most of the machine away from it . Its easily doable left in machine. 8 hour job at least . 

my seal driver 

just a few tools needed 

storm coming . Big tractors the most import machine for snow removal and its the weekend . solenoid terminal fried . still works . manage a hall marry save by getting a nut on threads and welding a stud to it to reattached the braded copper wire .   

new shop toy , developing some new skills .plasma cutting 

The things you find changing an alternator belt on an 8800 which involves removing drive shaft .Coupler on its last legs . 

I just can't do it . paying 68$ for one pad . there are 8 to a machine . its just a park brake . making my own . 

last season we had broken one and snapped off 2 with less experienced operators they just kept mowing . another reason to go for a drive and check cuts. No more levers and they are getting bolted together 

When in doubt weld it out I always say . 

Big win on the snow maker engine .

great idea after asking a question on twitter . 
a few guys where already doing this mod . 

What do us techs do . hmm this is only half of it .
add in grinding and set ups and maintaining equipment .

Prioritization and organization is the key to success and a lot of experience to make it look easy