Thursday, October 8, 2020

Sometimes you can strike a deal

Are fleets is just ending its 5 season . The cart barn guys where saying they needed a lot of tires . Estimated to be 40 for fleet  and 10 tires  for the 4 passenger . That's a fairly big order and decided to see what kind of a deal we could get for the bulk order from our supplier .It was near half the usual price .Once purchased was quickly approved the stock was in with in the week . 

some came gift wrapped ,others where borderline Frisbees. Lol the reason they come 

like that I heard is that they are shipped/charged  by container load .   

After unwrapping them I let them sit for a day or two .

Spent a good 3 days getting them changed out . My high tech tire changer made fairly quick work out of them . Only had to blast 2 of them on . The flattened tires where mostly sealable because the cart rim had a pretty good offset to grab the bead when the air hit it .  

Took a while just running them back and forth . Cart barns a good 1/4 mile away . 

The noticeable alignment issues received alignments 

205-50-10 Not a fun tire to get on the rim . 

Sometimes it pays to ask the question ... you just never know . 

Toro HDXD shifting lever repair

 One of our 3 HDXD Workmans has always had a shifting problem since new . I've adjusted it many times with out much success . Recently something let go completely and had to be investigated . 

Here is a little trick to do so you done forget that you have the safety bar installed on ram . 

Remove seats ,back pan, and seat cab to get to the shifter asm . Seats probably the worst to get off .

remove shifting cable ends and one through bolt holds ASM in . 

Tearing it apart on the bench . It's pre loaded with grease so its a pretty messy job . Checking springs and pins for wear .

Some wear but couldn't see what was causing the problems . Notice the half washer in picture ?

Wasn't in parts book .Noticed it was actually the frame mount . The slotted section is wear shifter assembly locks in and through bolts goes through broken section . 

After cleaning all the parts off I decided to trim a little more rubber casing  out wear it mounts .

Like so .

Next welded in the broken piece.

And reinforced the top so it can't bend and break off again . Original mount looks pretty weak for the amount of abuse it has to take in the reel world .  

Getting ready to install it back into the machine . See these 2 wave washers . They where in between assembly and frame . I'm putting them on the outside against frame where I think they should have been . Now thinking this was the problem all along ! might be looking to do the same to top dresser this winter ,its also slightly finicky . 

Used my claw to get wave washer in through access hole .and installed a new nylock nut . Wave washers are there to keep a little tension on shifter caseing against frame but not so much to crush assembly . 

All in . Feels good . Actually feel it going into gear with out binding 

I just squished a full tube of grease in it . I think it acts as a seal and lubes the  mechanism.

Reassemble everything . It was out all day today with no issues . Staff where saying its the best one now to shift . 

Monday, August 24, 2020

Toro GREENSMASTER eTriFlex 3360 Demo

Hard to do reviews . We've been demoing a few machines from different manufacturers. I'm not going to compare the recent demo but will try to say what I like or disliked about it .I'll leave it at that . Most people know where I stand 

Ok here we go . Received a demo from Veseys recently . Like most modern day equipment easily serviceable. A little walk around . 

One of our young operators out on it for the first time . He's going to be running it for the next few days . Good level headed guy and will get and honest unbiased opinion . 

Nice cut ! can still see the wheel marks and roller marks a bit but they fad away fairly quickly when the dew evaporates 

Labeling to me means choke is on . I had to look in operators manual for proper location for off . 

A couple of pics Of service disconnect.

Pulled a few covers to see whats under them . Pretty clean neat install .

This wire could be routed better . Seat pan is riding on it a bit 

Modern machines have info centers on them . there are lots of settings you can change to suite your needs 

speed control


Reel blade count 

Lots of settings . sorry about the pics . the green glow is not photogenic .

Little 14 hp engine keeps batteries charged .Machine only runs off battery power . 

Full electric . Steering is a bit responsive and might have to get use to it . After a few greens the guys where figuring it out ok .

A few lift pictures . Hard to keep up this pace with out one .If you have the room and the budget I highly recommend it . If you don't tisk....tisk 

With the newer reel design and edgemax blades they didn't need to be adjusted after 3 days of mowing . HOC still needed slight tweeking . But they are checked daily .

The reel mounting hardware moves a fair amount in every direction . 

Guys liked the center access to get bucket out .  Also buckets easy to remove . 

Had to label the fuel . Most of our gear is diesel so it would be so easy to make a mistake .

It will also run on full electric (no engine running ) for up to a minute . This was a great feature for me to get it moved around the shop and put on and off the lift . Also the traction pedal responds and feels just like the hydraulic type .Also ZERO hydraulics on this unit . Perfect for greens . biggest fear for us  techs and supers is the dreaded blow out on a green . 

Hey  someones been listening . A fuel drain that doesn't spill out all over the reels . 

Third best feature the cup holder . It makes sense !

Only one grease point that I could see or find . 

Ya??? I was getting the guys to do fish hooks to see how well the electric wheel drives responded . These were extreme turns but with a small loupe  we could avoid having to turn in rough or 3 point turns on green approaches . 


Love see new tech and appreciate them  . I try my best to return them better then they are received .Its not that hard the demo just jumps into the service line that our equipment is taking a rest from . 

In closing:

love ; full electric mod 

step off braking 

edgemax knives and reel 

oh! one of the big things is it is programmed to slow inside moving reels or wheels on turns to help eliminate the triplex rings some course might get . 

Lastly of course the cup holder . Engineers be warned when your mowing at 5 AM you want a handy place to put your dam coffee . Sometimes this is a selling feature lol . 

Over all nice unit as are others tried out . I'd be happy to own anything we demoed so far .

PS. When I asked the young guy which machine he liked the most he said the Toro but he also said out of all of them he liked our 5 year old JD 2500 the best lol !