Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Z bender . Make your own throttle cable

Here at The Links at Brunello we hand mow approaches ,collars and Tee's 5 to 6 days a week . We have a small fleet of individually trailer-ed mowers . Having one go down is always a bad thing having to wait 3 days to a week for 2 throttle cables even worse . Recently 2 mowers went down and I managed to bend something on the remaining cable to get us by .  ( Very Lucky)
Anyhow I'm managing to keep spare parts to help eliminate downtime of certain items we seem to go through on these Toro 1600 mowers . 
Not hard to get them up and running having parts in stock . 
While waiting on cables I researched a small engine supply company were dealing with and found that they sold the actual cable that runs through  the sheathing . 
Great!! I can use the old sheathing and make some for back stock . Talking on the forums one of the guys had an extra Z bender in his tool box  and mailed it out to me . Thanks Bill ,from Florida .

One of my homemade bends , not much choice here cable was broken off pretty short . 
But it made it till the parts arrived .

Very basic tool push end in hole and pull down to make a 90

Then roll it around to the slot

and pull up . 

Turned out pretty good 

If the sheathing is good slide it back in with lube on it and put in parts room . Not the first time we broke one . 
cable $11 for 100 ft . 
Big savings !!

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