Monday, February 11, 2013

The Big Week-End Storm

The first big storm of the season .The Old Course had a 3 day Bridge tournament .I had a busy week-end keeping the lots cleared . Spent the better part of Saturday  plowing to get some of the snow pushed back before the wind started . 

 Plowing at the New Course . There was a good 12 to 18 inches down .
 Good size mounds 6 ' high and a good 10 ' deep . Also a pick of the New Course lot .
 Once the wind died down I was able to clear the 4 ' drifts in front of New Course gates Sunday evening  . Went pretty quick once I was able to get through it .
 New truck and plow gear worked pretty good .
 At the Old Course .I try to get all the snow on the downside as much as possible so when it melts it won't flow across the lot and freeze  plus it makes for better parking up by the building .  
 I think it's about a tie . Old course here has some nice size piles of snow .

 Spent the better part of 24 hrs over 2 days to clean it up nice . Only stuck once ,so not to bad considering the snow fall .The assistant came in on Sunday to clear the decks and walk ways . Bridge players didn't miss a beat . All in and out safely .

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