Thursday, February 21, 2013

Cleaning up my grinders for up coming season

Finished all my grinding for winter work . I have a little down time waiting for parts so it's a good time to clean up and service my grinders . When I need them again they will be ready to go this summer .
Started to service my foley grinders . I have them cleaned up pretty good and will show more details in the near future . Just waiting for parts . In the mean time I have a couple of videos .
My spin motor on the foley 630 has been slowing down ( max speed )in the past year and now needs some action to correct it because it is getting to the point that I won't be able to grind at the speeds needed .
Take some picks of the wires your going to have to remove in the panel . Turn power off and unplug .  
 Pick of all the ground wires on the bottom of the box . If you bend a 3/8 wrench 90 degrees and use a socket/ rachet you can get the wire off with out twisting the rest .

I sent my spin grinder out for service and it came back cleaned up and tested good . After reinstalling the spin motor it worked very well speeding up and down . There must have been a poor connection causing the problem .
I'm checking the RPM speed with a laser tach . You get reflective tape that sticks to the coupler mount . As it's spinning the laser light picks up the reflector to give you the RPM ( revolutions per minute ) . With the instructions in the manual you can check the min. and max. speeds .
The red wire in the pic is the one I think was loose or had been knocked off .
This little video shows why ear protection should be worn while the grinder is grinding . Foley 660 bedknife grinder .

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