Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Foley 660 cleaning

Here are a few pic's of the foley 660 . Not to bad of a job to tear apart and clean up .
To remove the sliding plate and entire grinder motor etc . , turn in feed wheel in to move plate towards back of grinder to expose the front roller bolt .

To remove you need to hold the underside with a 3/4 wrench and use a 1/2 socket and ratchet and remove the nyloc nut on top .


 The front roller bolt is cambered so turning the bolt moves the rollers closer or farther away from the slide rails for adjustments when it come to assemble time  .
After removing the cutting unit scrape and clean bottom and repaint if needed .
 If you use the bottom for the coolant you will have to silicon the weld seams . I used a Tremclad rust paint . It does a great job . Check the rails for wear . If they are wearing you can remove the spacer in the middle between them and set screws on each end ( top side) Mark the tubes on the ends with a straight line about center . You can use a large hammer and punch ( old socket ) and push them out on one end. Look at the lines on the end and rotate tubes 1/4 turn and re- install .
 Re-install the spacer in the middle . To adjust the spacing between the rails use large calipers to get the same measurements on the ends as the center . I used a furniture clamp for a caliper . Works very well .
To remove the stone turn the guard upside down to access the area for removal .
Not positive but pretty sure it is on counter clock wise .
The spanners to remove the stone I don't have here . I use a crows foot 3/4 and ground the nubs on the end off . Works good . When installing the stone it doesn't have to be tighten on really tight . The cup stone is almost new . If the inside wears down to about a half inch it will be time to replace the stone .
The Gaurd can slide off next . The set screw will have to be backed off .  
The motor can be removed after taking the 4 large Allen head bolts out .
To remove the sliding plate and infeed wheel I use one of these ball headed allen keys .

This way I do not have to remove the wheel to get it off . ( 2 bolts  )

Bottom plate below with rollers that ride the rails . The sweepers are removed already .


On the right side of the plate there is a spring loaded set screw . Remove this and take spring ( behind set screw )out for assembly later . When re assembling turn set screw all the way in till it just bottoms out on spring then turn out 1/2 turn .

 Now the slide plate has three roller guides to keep it on the  bottom plate.
 Pick of the slide plate rollers ( 3 ) check for play and replace as needed also check plate for wear .

 Here is a pick re - assembled . The sweeper pads should be replaced every 6 months . Being a seasonal course I change mine yearly.

The large rollers that ride the rails have 2 bearings in each one ( 6 ) check them for wear . I found it easier to install the bottom plate with nothing attached to it first . It takes a little bit of effort to install the single roller and hold it in place snugging it on the rails . Then you can reach on the underside with a 3/4 wrench and move the camber bolt to make the finale adjustments . You should be able to grasp the opposite corners of plate and twist and not feel any play . Adjust till play is out and tighten 1/2" nylock on top . Be sure to keep wrench on bottom side or it will unadjust on you .

 Scraped the pump off too and repainted . I do not use the bottom of grinder to hold coolant . The drain plug was removed on mine and I installed a hose into a container . My pump is suspended in a container . This way the tray is only wet when the grinder is working .

 A pick of the little t handle I braze on . The gaurd is in place .

 Mine stays in this position most of the time. The guard scrapes on the ends of bed-knife frames of the jac units if I don't.
Disassemble all this area when you have it on the bench and reassemble with never seize ( adjustment for grinding head up and down ) . Also do the same for the stone facer shaft ( it does tend to seize up easily ) . Check that the diamond tip is still there .
Any place that has an Allan set screw over threads also has a nylon ball under it to help keep tension on the threads so the adjustment doesn't back off while grinding .
It will be a few months before I start using it again so It will be coverd till then and don't fill the coolant till you need it .


Thursday, February 21, 2013

Cleaning up my grinders for up coming season

Finished all my grinding for winter work . I have a little down time waiting for parts so it's a good time to clean up and service my grinders . When I need them again they will be ready to go this summer .
Started to service my foley grinders . I have them cleaned up pretty good and will show more details in the near future . Just waiting for parts . In the mean time I have a couple of videos .
My spin motor on the foley 630 has been slowing down ( max speed )in the past year and now needs some action to correct it because it is getting to the point that I won't be able to grind at the speeds needed .
Take some picks of the wires your going to have to remove in the panel . Turn power off and unplug .  
 Pick of all the ground wires on the bottom of the box . If you bend a 3/8 wrench 90 degrees and use a socket/ rachet you can get the wire off with out twisting the rest .

I sent my spin grinder out for service and it came back cleaned up and tested good . After reinstalling the spin motor it worked very well speeding up and down . There must have been a poor connection causing the problem .
I'm checking the RPM speed with a laser tach . You get reflective tape that sticks to the coupler mount . As it's spinning the laser light picks up the reflector to give you the RPM ( revolutions per minute ) . With the instructions in the manual you can check the min. and max. speeds .
The red wire in the pic is the one I think was loose or had been knocked off .
This little video shows why ear protection should be worn while the grinder is grinding . Foley 660 bedknife grinder .

Friday, February 15, 2013

New Shop update pic's

There on the move now . A little behind but now since the building is enclosed it will start to pick up . Some last minute adjustments to get things then way they want . Now's the time to figure out exactly where to put things and tweak a few of the ideas. So much easier to see the space visually .  

New equipment managers shop .

 Lots of metal studding going up floor to ceiling . You can really get a feel of what it's going to be like .Looking at offices on the right and washrooms on the left . There will be a very large common area in the middle for a lunch room .
 Straight out and to the right a little from the sheet of plywood will be where the lift will go .
 Some real nice windows for the office area . There are some on the end of the building in the shop area for some natural lighting .

 Doorway to the cold storage area .Lots of ventilation going in and they where just mapping out and installing the doorway to the grinding room while I was visiting .
Chemical room down on right side . It was such a nice day out they had it all open to dry things out some more . Gutters and exterior trim work almost done . Looking good . Can't wait to see Als shop all set up . 

Monday, February 11, 2013

The Big Week-End Storm

The first big storm of the season .The Old Course had a 3 day Bridge tournament .I had a busy week-end keeping the lots cleared . Spent the better part of Saturday  plowing to get some of the snow pushed back before the wind started . 

 Plowing at the New Course . There was a good 12 to 18 inches down .
 Good size mounds 6 ' high and a good 10 ' deep . Also a pick of the New Course lot .
 Once the wind died down I was able to clear the 4 ' drifts in front of New Course gates Sunday evening  . Went pretty quick once I was able to get through it .
 New truck and plow gear worked pretty good .
 At the Old Course .I try to get all the snow on the downside as much as possible so when it melts it won't flow across the lot and freeze  plus it makes for better parking up by the building .  
 I think it's about a tie . Old course here has some nice size piles of snow .

 Spent the better part of 24 hrs over 2 days to clean it up nice . Only stuck once ,so not to bad considering the snow fall .The assistant came in on Sunday to clear the decks and walk ways . Bridge players didn't miss a beat . All in and out safely .