Monday, June 4, 2012

Toro 4300D No Electrical Power

Our new 4300  suddenly stopped and had lost all electrical power . I looked around and found a shorted power wire under the seat . The short caused the fuseable link to fry in a couple of spots.
 Tried to splice a wire in but no go . Didn't realize that the fuseable link was this actual wire . Back in the day fuseable links where noticeable by a bump in the wire .
After texting the dealer tech about my problem he suggested a few ideas .  This is the wire set coming off the starter the fuseable link wire feeds power to everything .
 I managed to splice it to the connector to get back to the shop . But later failed popping the 15 amp fuse .

To get us up and running I cut the connector on the starter side and put female connectors on the wire to clip back into the wiring harness by bypassing the fusable link with a regular piece of 12 gauge wire back to the starter . The line was protected by a fuse so figured if there was another issue it would blow the fuse again . The new warranty part part came the next day and the machine was only down for a few hours .

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