Monday, June 18, 2012

Carlisle tire rapid destruction .

 This is what happens to these tires when they are over loaded with wet sand /soil and running an under inflated tire .
These are the tires found on the 4x6 and 4x2 turf Gators . The large rear ballon style tires .

The side walls break down rendering a perfectly treaded tire useless . All the fiber lines you see in the pics are totally seperated from the tire .

The tires are the suspension for the rear of this machine . 6 to 10 psi is all the air they need . I'm pretty sure the max pay load is 800 lbs including the operators . You may have to instruct the staff to look out for one another and point out when something doesn't look right . They should inform you the mechanic with this type of safety issue . Not only is it hard on the equipment it could cause the machine to roll over possibly injuring a fellow staff member . The staff do not understand that wet sand and soil weigh a lot more than stone and gravel with the exception of crusher run . They should be instructed to take half loads and make more trips or run trucksters  ( cushmans , pro gators. mdx.)designed to haul and dump the bigger loads . 

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