Thursday, June 21, 2012

Getting it Done macgyver style sometimes

 I was always looking for a third arm when putting fresh blades on the rotaries in the morning .
 While getting some material ready for more deck guards for the 4300 D I spotted this clamp hanging on the wall . I gave it a try and it worked great . Sometimes it's looking around at what you have to make things work .
 Our new Tee surround mower had  shredded  the drive cable  today . The part was
ordered a few days ago but will take up to a week to get in .
 My Mcgyver repair  plus wrapped it afterwards with electrical tape  . Again stating the obvious of looking around at what you have and how things work to keep the gear going . I drill a hole in the handle catch and used mechanics wire to attach it back together . Our Tee surrounds I would say is the worst job on the course and having one mower down makes for a bad day for the crew .

After checking the new 4300D I noticed the newness has worn off with the staff . Some of the decks where getting pushed in towards the blades . I had some time to weld up more bedbars for deck guards . There working out so great on the other mower that I didn't hesitate to put them on the new machine .

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