Monday, April 27, 2015

Bobs Shop Air Lines

In my last shop I had installed 1/2 copper lines with relatively no issues   . 
Going to run copper again . Mostly 3/4 " copper and down to half near the end runs where valves will be placed for draining water out of system . Copper is not the cheapest way to go but when running air tools there is zero chance of rust from Iron pipe or zinc from plating pipe ruining air tools . There are ploly tube type system too but the copper will outlast anything else . 

First you have to plan out line runs for filters /oilers /reel hoses and valves . Picked up assorted fittings at local hardware store .

Started of in cold storage area with a tee to run through the wall  . My compressor will be on the right it will have 3/4" line to the tank . The other end will go to a hose reel so tires can be topped up without having to come into my shop . When time allows I'll get a chart done of tire PSI for all machinery. The second reel will be for air tools and will have an air filter / regulator and oil feeder . The last will be by my roll up bay door for larger equipment stored outside .

The Tee section came through the wall just under the stairs following the contour of grinding and welding areas . Using a level I'm keeping the bubble just touching the right side of center as I go from section to section .   

The raised pipes are done that way so that condensation will stay in the main line while air travels up . I seen this system while doing research and made sense to me . My last system they where just teed down causing the water to follow . From the up runs I'll attach a loop of rubber air line down the wall to a coupler near the bench top . More pictures coming as it gets done . 

Soon will be time to move the beast . 3 cylinder 80 gallon tank . 

99% done air line . Just waiting on Propane line install crew from IRVING to finish up . What a crew notch guys with the get er dun attitude . Cold storage area all tied in to hose reel .Compressor going at the end of the run for final hook up . 

Waiting on a few items to make hoses attaching systems together . 

Having the tools to make custom air lines on site is great . The two hose reel stations will eventually get charts for proper air pressure in machinery . Especially important to check units that go on greens before jobs . 

The up pipe is on about a 45 degree angle and the hose will loop up and back down to filter and oiler with air couplers . Doing it this way Ill be able to keep water in the main line run and out of air tools . 

Water blow out valves at end of each run . 
The HV crew are on a good drive to get their part of the building finished. Boy I'll be glad when the building chaos is done . It's all part of the new job . Just have to STOP... THINK... and PRIORITIZE what you can do with what you have ...working around other crews . Hopefully soon the lift will be wired up . I managed to get supplies and small engine tune up items ordered .Grass on the course looks fantastic and some talk of cutting in the near future . I'll have to get a tour of the course soon . Also adjusted and check greens walkers and will get the diesel hybrid triplexes adjusted when lifts up and running  Propane heater start up tomorrow and (keep our fingers crossed )water will be running to the building .  Been so busy inside to even get out of the building .Soon it will all come together and get back to a routine . Grinders are on their way out from Veseys  tomorrow. Boy I cant wait to set up my first set of reels on a different grinding system ...saaweett!!   Verticutters arriving tomorrow from the green Reddin mowing team . A few more pictures comming after I'm done with the lines . 

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