PGA Tour event at Ashburn

Course looked great for the finals . What an exciting ending when the Canadian took it in the play off round . It was a close final and New Course made for a challenging event . A few You tube Highlights that I could find .

 Mowers ready for their last time out .

Hurricane Arthur

We were lucky that it was a very windy event . Tournament closed for the day for safety reasons . New and Old course staff help clean up some of the down falls before calling it a day also for safety reasons . Will be out early next day to get the course back in shape for the double round scheduled for Sunday.

Brian and Curtis manning the saws while the crews hauled the debris away. 

This big old Maple just grazed the back of bench by #8 Tee. 

It's been a crazy week so far. Al the technician at the New Ashburn and I have been busy keeping the machines adjusted for tournament conditions . We start our day at 4:30 and have a coffee together discussing the tournament and gear and planning the day out . First job on hand is to swish the dew off the fairways and then start adjusting the evening mowing gear for their next mow . Nothings leaving the shop unless it's cutting news print clear across the reel . Hoc are checked and adjusted as needed and checked daily . then we double team and leave the New to work at my shop for a few hours to check over my gear for their next mow and any repairs need to be done will get at that time . Then back to adjust the morning Mowers at the New course . Taking a little break in the afternoon to be available for the evening shift in case we are needed for repairs and or adjustments . Going great so far just hoping the weather will stay good. A few random pic's  of the course .

Knocking down the dew on fairways

One of the young guns doing a great job on the loaner from Veseys.

# 9 fairway ...looken good 

The 3 covered  bridges give the place a rustic look .

# 10 and # 9 fairway looking from 9 tee area 

Another great shot of #10 fairway

Everything's cutting great .
The old course crew will be helping out soon and on stand by in case we get the rain event on Saturday 
.Lots of excitement at the course and surrounding areas . We are all ecstatic and can't wait to see the course on TV .

Every ones calm and collected at jobs and tasks at hand . Great Job New Course guys .

Ah the calm before the big event . A few picks of some of the set up on the course for the Tournament. I'll be helping out and directed as needed .

There are a few tower erected out on the course .

 First task on hand for us is to knock down the dew on the fairways . 

Looking back on 10 green .

Signage for sponsors . 

#9 tee marker signage . 

On the way up 18 to main building . 

Stands and tents on the 18 th Green .Great view 

Helping out Al setting up gear for tournament . Great job Al for getting everything ground and ready to go..... makes for easy daily adjustments .This course is also my old stomping grounds and enjoy being a small part of the event.Thanks guys .

All I can say Is WOW!!!

 Brian Gouthro and crew have delivered tournament conditions and should be a great event for the New Ashburn Golf Course .


Well the announcements out . Going to be a busy season for our sister course getting ready for the tournament . Management and some staff will be pulling double duty up to the event . It's going to be great to host such an event . Brian Gouthro and his crew are looking forward to the challenge.

This link will have the video . 

February 5, 2014 8:08 am

Nova Scotia to spend $600k over 2 years on PGA Tour event at Ashburn

HALIFAX – The Nova Scotia government plans to spend $600,000 over the next two years to bring a professional golf tournament to Halifax.
The government says top golfers are expected to compete in the PGA Tour event at the Ashburn Golf Club in Fall River from July 3-6 and again next year.
The Nova Scotia Open is the only Canadian stop on the PGA’s Tour.
Canadian golfers Mike Weir, Graham Delaet, and David Hearn will participate.
Story continues below

“Obviously we’d like to support our Canadian guys and when we have someone as successful as Graham Delaet is today, that’s going to be a huge drawi
ng card for this event.”
Tourism Minister Michel Samson says the event is expected to be televised on the Golf Channel to a potential audience of 81 million households in 192 countries.
As well, the PGA Tour Canada Cape Breton Celtic Classic will held Sept. 1-7 at The Lakes Golf Club in Ben Eoin.
Nova Scotia will be the only province in Canada to play host to two PGA Tour events this year.
*with files from Global News’ Ray Bradshaw
© The Canadian Press, 2014

More news release link.

March 22, 2014 Hard to believe that we were mowing greens last season now . Winter is hanging on tight but is slowly losing the fight to spring . Hard long cold winter . Course is looking good .Greens wintered  well . As soon as the crew gets back Brian Gouthro and crew will be hard at it get things in tournament shape .  Still some snow around but the late core aeration and slit drainage  really helped keep the greens dryer. The mid winter melt we had really helped out to .

Here are a few picks of the course today . 

#1 green

 Looking good 

#1 fairway

# 6 green 

Me and the dog checking out #7 

 #7 green

#7 walking over from 8 tee

#8 green still some snow cover

The areas that melted off look great

Walking up to #15 green

 This area gets a lot of snow coverage .

Also looking great  

#16 green 

#7 fairway looking to the tee

Both course were hit with snow mold on fairways this year . Not uncommon after this kind of winter . Spraying for it would be very expensive . Lots of new growth ready too pop through . Not a usually a concern  . 

More pictures of receding ice . Turf looks great!!

Par 3 #16 tee area

#16 from first of fairway looking looking at green 

#17 green

#17 fairway looking towards Tee .

Looking from back of #17 to towards 10 green and club house upper left . 

Overall of to a better start than expected . Now patiently waiting for the perfect spring . 

Winter storm of March 26 2014

The calm before the storm

Neighbors house ? mid storm

Lots of snow and still windy . /

A good 8 " and drifting up to 3 feet in some areas . Going to be 80 km hr winds the rest of the day temps holding around -3 C. 

New Course Club House . 

Lots of snow down by the maintenance buildings . 

Here is a little video on my walk up to the course . A little out of breath dodging plow trucks with the dog . Lol

Got to love the Maritime weather . You just never know what your getting from year to year . At least it's spring? it will melt out quickly .

Springs finally here .Day time temperatures have been in the pluses along with lots of wind. The courses are starting  to dry up a little are coming back to life .A few pictures from today April 20th 2014.

Practice area 

Dogs raring to go . Good thing I kept the long lead on her ...we came across a very large deer on # 3 fairway. 

Practice green. 

Looking back to Club house from 1 Tee  .

Greens are looking fantastic . #1 here, # 2 fairway in background . All the greens are looking great and soon will be getting their first cut .

The 3 covered bridges give the river area  a rustic look .

We had some torrential rain falls and new culvert did a great job . So far spring is cooperating and looking forward to the new season . The full time seasonal staff are back and out doing some finishing touches to last last falls projects .
Lots of small debris from the wind and the large tow behind blowers will make quick work of that once it dries up a little more .

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