Golf Course Equipment in action

I'm posting some you tube vids of machinery working on our course . Mostly for viewers that have not seen these machines in motion. I'll try to get some more videos of some of the mowing challenges we come up against in this business and on our course .

Thomas on a Jacobsen Greens King IV .He is our primary Approach operator and is doing a great job . He has learned to mow for conditions and uses a few of my mowing tips to get a better looking cut  We use this model for cutting approaches /collars .
Bullet proof . Trouble is the diesel is pretty loud . Cuts fantastic .It also has the heavy duty (3400) type of cutting units .
Jacobsen PGM cutting Tees . Rene's doing a great job on the Tees .Great employee !  When we get new greens mowers we bump the old ones to tees so we can get a few more years of wear on the reels at the higher HOC .
Thorin on one of the fairway units mowing #4 fairway . Also one of our best large area mower operators . You can see how the grass is thrown forward from both the groomers and reel blades . We run brush kits and front roller scrappers keeping the clipping mess to a minimum . Nice dry cutting day today.
Greg is on the other fairway unit today and is one of our primary operators to run the fairway and rough units .Second season here and mowing like a veteran . Picking the right staff to run large mowing machines can save you a lot of money in down time and repairs .  Toro 5410 groomers , brush kit, front roller scrappers, adjuster upgrades . He is mowing # 3 fairway . I'm showing some of the grades these fairway units deal with on the course . With Toro's Cross - Tracks traction system they make it look so easy . I like the look on the faces of new operators the first time they go down this one .
Toro 3150 Q with newer style verticutters slicing greens at - 1/16 "
Our new wireless top dresser . Toro Pro - Pass 200 mated up to our new Toro HDX D workman . Hauls sand very well . Hardly even feel the load on it . Sean our second in command is the primary top dresser operator .
Her I am on the Kubota 5040 with the Vertidrain deep tinning greens . I'm the primary operator on this process .
John one of our seasoned employees that can run most golf course machinery and can fill in where needed at a moments notice . Johns running the Aerovator on the Kubota 5410 . We use this machine on our fairways in the fall . There are no other options on this course for aeration . Lots of bedrock and rocky conditions here .
Here I am again doing a little video of a Toro Pro - Sweep mounted to the Kubota 5040 in action picking up cores after fall aeration . We are pretty wet here in the fall so this machine was not as efficient  as it could have been . Great machine for the right conditions .
A pretty cool shot of it dumping .
Toro 4300D mowing the front of #7 tee at Old Ashburn . This is what a great operator can do to boost the moral for the crew that use to push mow these extreme slops .
A second video showing the grade Thorin is mowing . He is the guy for the job . Making it look easy and not tearing the turf up with wheel marks . He can only mow down the grade ( it is that steep ) The mower can climb the grade no problem but not while mowing .
4300D showing how nimble it is around trees . With the canopies on them you have to keep an eye out for tree branches .
Greg is mowing a wide open area on 12 . I have them set at 6 MPH . Having 2 units here we can cut all the rough 2 to 3 times a week .
Rene on the Ryan 24 . The simple dimple tines are leaving the proper depth hole for reseeding thinned out areas .
Here it is in action . It works pretty well but is a fairly high maintenance machine for the amount of work it puts out .
Toro 3500D sidewinder . We use this model primarily for green surrounds . The sister course have 2 that they will also do a step cut around the fairways  . I trained Thomas today on this machine . Thomas has pretty much mastered the approach mowing and is a great choice for this job . You have to be careful around the greens to not tear up turf.
Toro pro-core 648 aerator. By far the Rolls Royce  of aerators . Trouble free . When it goes out you don't worry about it . John is slice tine venting our old push up greens  at the course
Yes a Toro 5410 Reelmaster can cut like a Jac. You have to be tenacious but it can happen . Not 100% the mowers fault . We had some turf conditions that needed attention . 

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