Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Toro Pro Force Dual tanks

The power of twitter and sharing /seeing ideas . I recently came across a few post from Brian Bressler that I thought are great and practical problem solving fixes we face on the course . 

Yes the dual tank on a pro force idea . Toro pro force works great but is hard on fuel .guys might get 1.5 to 2 hours out of them and have to carry a jerry can = more chance of fuel spillage plus they seem to run out at the furthest distance from the shop . When I seen Brians post and how we moved the shut mechanism I had to try the build . 

Made a template from Pics on the twitter.

The diamond plate I had left over worked great . 

Tip he had for good action on belt movement was to also move the little bearings . 

Picked up a gravity fed tank at Princess Auto for 35$

Laying out ideas to weld to frame .

Trying to keep fuel caps at the same level . The tanks are both vented . 

Getting ready to weld framing in .

A few picks .

Had some Canadian hardwood to level things up with and it will pad the tank .

Nuts for anchors front and back .

Here it is in action . We found out that it will draw from the gravity fed tank first instead of the ideal both at the same time . Brian installed a shut off valve to go in line from the new tank and keeping it half closed was enough to create enough drag so it will pull from both tanks . 
valves installed . take it for a rip later and see if tanks draw down the same .

Perfect drawing from both tanks now .

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