Sunday, May 6, 2018

Toro 1600 poor traction /hard to pull backwards

I've been battling this occasional problem of machines being hard to pull backwards or no traction since new .I have 2015 vintage mower ( pretty sure they are ). All 4 have the same model numbers .But 2 of them have slight differences 

Notice the shine mark on the belt guide . This ones to high and when engaged will hit cover preventing it from engaging all the way plus will also make them hard to pull back .  

Did adjusts them originally as per the operator hand book we have here . Down a little further made the troubled ones work as they should . 

Notice the step jack 

Must have been changed mid season .

Same for the belt drives 

A bit different . 

One of the Guys on Twitter mention that this is one good reason to give your serial # too when ordering parts . 

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