Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Fairway dew drag updates

Dew dragger in for a refit . It has been working flawlessly for a couple of seasons . Made some upgrade a while back that worked out great . This season I'll do more changes so we can dump the box . I'm also thinking of mounting a pro force blower in the box . That way it will have some dual purpose work while its out there . 

 Only keeping the arms and hitch section .

Old hardware from figuring out what will work over the years .

Fresh start.

New upright to hold arms up in transport

Playing around with ideas   

 This will work out great . a sliding hinge using rails from box to. 

 Washers and bolt will ride inside rail .

Looking good so far  

I video of it in action .

Going to use these bearings for arm pivots 

Made tabs to weld on old arms to mount 

Bunch of holes to find ideal spot . Then I'll cut the rest off later

Almost done 

Final assembly . Didn't have any 7/16 nyloc nuts ...sooo I decided to do this . 

Welding on the supports 

Done ready for paint  

I'll post a pic with blower in it later . Their out on the course with it at the moment .

 Bad case of the Bends .
Yes I did the unprofessional thing and lost my cool a bit after being told it was like that !(First time out dragging )
Not sure what kind of day the staff member was having but added to the work load I had that day .

   Then this happened !!!

Sheesh !! Did some quick repairs to get it back out .Second time out a different staffer brought it back safe and sound . Next time I took it out . Having the blower handy was great to fire up when needed to clean cart paths of grass debris . No issues the second and third  time out but did find the hinges I installed to floppy .

Had time to cut out all the bends and had some metal to weld in . It was the quickest way .

For the hinge I pressed a pieces of round tube stock inside the square stock . Feels pretty solid now . 

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