Saturday, March 10, 2018

Reviewing the past and present ...blogging and education

I started of Blogging as a new tech many years ago because there wasn't much available out there in the way of education for new people to learn about turf equipment maintenance and repair .
My blog site seems to be doing what I intended it for . That's to get the word out about what we do for our clubs and getting a peek at the daily jobs and problems we're faced with .By Blogging it got the word out that we are here . Hard to think that such a position gets overlooked at times and personally believe it's just because we are working in the background keeping things organized and rolling .Invisible man syndrome I use to call it .It has gotten much better with social media and Organizations ( to many to mention)and industry leaders like Stephen Tucker ,Hectors Shop , Golftechs ,Turfnet( to name a few ) promoting and paying forward to what we do . National recognition awards to honour techs really help and maybe entice new people into our side of this industry .
Also great to see more bloggers out there putting time in to help others .
Good turf equipment mechanics are becoming scares and anything we can do to get new blood involved is a big plus . This past year a few of the guys retired in their 70's hanging in there hoping for replacements .
It's a great trade ( and it should be recognized as such ) and now with educational material and lesson plans available at GCSAA it should make for a smoother transition from another mechanical field .   
Turf techs also stick together always willing to help a colleague out to get them out of a jamb to keep the gear rolling . 
Social media (twitter , face book etc)great way to connect with everyone all over the world in the trade . I've used the direct message or private messages to give advice and ideas or to ask for it to . Your always learning something new online from one tech or another . It's great . 
My blog has gone from sort of a diary to a learning tool for some .
Hope you enjoy the site and I'm always open to suggestions ,ideas or corrections to make it better . 
For the seasonal guys hope your wintering well ...springs just around the corner . Can't wait to get back to the summer routine . 

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