Monday, February 12, 2018

Toro pro pass 200 spinner paddle rebuild

We've had this unit for a little over 3 years . The spinner paddles are nearing their end . Pretty sure they may have a half season left .  
Pretty neat pattern from end of season heavy top dressing . 

The last third near the outside are getting thin . 

I'm using some 2.5" x 1/4' carbon steel plate . I pre cut them out to the same shape . Then using the old paddle as a template to get the right curve . Heated it up cherry red and you can hear the metal kinking into shape . Let cool 

Fairly easy to cut the weld bead on the inside with a 4.5" cut off wheel and then hammer it back towards the mount to release it from it . 

First try . Welds up easy , Got a little wide on this one . Had to get some fog wipes for my glasses and shield . If you can't see clearly its harder  to weld . 

A little paint . Also right and left side paddles are a mirror image to each other and you need three of each . Take some pictures before you start for reference .  

Look as good as New . Wasn't reelly  that hard .

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