Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Toro HDXD workman Thermostate

  Was a little shocked at the price but then again I haven't bought a thermostat in a few years .Did a little search on line and seemed to be in the ball park if your counting in taxes deliver exchange etc . 

 The OEM ordered from dealer looks a little different . I had ordered a gasket but it come with a gasket also . Both of which are to small but if you notched out one of the holes it may work . 

Reinstalled it with old gasket since it was a metal type and didn't seemed damaged . I'd rather would have liked a new one but this machines been in the shop for a while waiting on parts . 

 Checking out the old part . Looks a little off center . 

Lots of shiny marks on side from it scraping open to circulate anti-freeze .It must have stuck causing closed ( I say closed because lower hose was still cool when it was over heating )  Ran it up to temperature till fan came on and let it cool to check for leaks .... all good . It may have failed because sensor wire for fan was corroded and kept fan off . The guys wouldn't know the difference so it may have warped the thermostat enough to keep it from moving freely.  I figured the hotter it got the tighter the interference causing it not to open anymore .

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