Monday, February 5, 2018

Toro HDXD fuse panel moved

Not sure on why this is here . I did notice it when we got them a few years back and just let it go to see what happens . We have had some random no start issues or dead issue recently . Some of the guys wear the winterized work boots in the fall and now thinking there rubbing on the fuses with their foot . Also getting mud and top dress in the panel . 

Old location .

Enough room and wire to remove mounting bolts and slide it under brake line to new location . 

bolted brackets to bumper framing . ( which  may be the reason for the weird original location )Brackets and bumper system are added on after the fact by the looks of things .Pic above was the first machine done . 

serviceable and up out of the way on passenger side 

On the second unit I made just the one bracket

Bolted the bottom and zipped the top .


Looks factory 

Took longer to take mount bolts of than moving it to new location .Job time after figuring it out 10 minutes .

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