Thursday, February 15, 2018

Toro 5800 tank cradle inspection and clean up

Checking the cradle on our 5800 sprayer . I've read that some guys had checked theirs to see it in pretty hard shape . Even properly cleaned there are areas were chemicals are trapped . This sprayer has been on site for 4 years and had some time to pull the tank for a look . Not much holding on there put well supported and very easy to remove . We have all the bells and whistles on ours so there was a few extra hoses . The machine is pretty busy all season . Only unit we have so i'm taking extra time and checking it over good .  

Might need a hand getting the tank off . I managed ok but is a little awkward.

And its off . a fair amount of heavy scaling rust .

Impressed with the thickness of the steel used for cradle . Money well spent .  

Looks bad but ground it off with a medium stone grinding wheel .

Wear eye protection and mask lots of air born debris . Finished it of afterwards with a medium flap wheel . Turned out pretty good . 

Used the High solids primer and paint from Lawsons . Great stuff . 

Had some spent tubes laying around so decided to recycle them and contact cemented them over cradle .The original padding had all fallen off at one time or another . One was left . 

Light padding for the tank .

Doing the other side . Glue both contact surfaces and wait for it to dry clear then press them in place . 

Went to tighten this up and it broke apart in my hands . Maybe not chemical resistant plastic . New one on the way .

Tank and rinse tank reinstalled and leveled .

Going with sill gasket and doubling it up for under the straps . A little extra padding and will keep the rust off the tank . 

One strap cleaned up and painted. 3 to go.

For the cost you might as well replace all the hardware bolts . 

 A few more pics  

Waiting for paint to dry .Almost done and I give this machine a full fluid and filter service every season .

Even replacing hose clamps .

Straps back on just another attachment to clean up and put on this side . Should be good for another 4 years .

 Good time to also replace the suction side of pump O rings

And clean and inspect the flow meter . 

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