Thursday, February 22, 2018

Toro 5800 planetary gear service

These Planetary gear fluids should be changed yearly at the very least . There are quit a few comments on how tediously  this job is . The 85 w 140 flows like molasses in a cold shop . Original idea I heard from dealer tech ( Bill @ Veseys ) and decided to make something using his idea and ideas from Golftechs .

The plug holes ( 4 of them 2 inside and two on the out side facing you ) are 7/16 - 20 thread . Pick up theses at Lawsons

 The 1/4 brass nut will work ok . One end has seat .Making up a double flare line . Double flared not so much for pressure but needed a bump out so nut will seal it up easily against fitting . 
 For guys that haven't made proper brake lines this is how its done . Cut pipe length you need . Bore out hole a bit otherwise you will have a bugger of a time getting the double flare tool out . 

Put it in holder (1/4"in this case ) and flip double flare tool upside down as a guide for length sticking out of clamp . 

 Flip flare tool over and put in tubing .

Press it in till it bottoms out .

Pull tool out and you should see a near perfect start to your double flare .

With out tool press in again a bit to flatten it out .

And done . If your making brake line I would advise to put your fittings on first . Lol you'll know why . 

Lightly clamp in vise 

And snug up . 

Here is my gizmo with pipe I just made attached . Yes its a spaghetti Jar . I'm going to keep an Eye out for a jar with a sturdier lid . I drill 2 holes in top a couple of sizes smaller than hose I'm using . One side with tubing will go to near bottom of jar the other just has to poke through a bit . 

A test run perfectly . 

5 psi was enough to move that thick gear oil easily . Wouldn't hurt to warm the gear oil up a bit before starting . 

Draining the outside .Drain plug should be straight down leaving the other plug at the 3 or 9 o'clock position . 

Then the inside . If your in a warm shop it shouldn't take to long .

There are access holes to get at the 3 o'clock plugs out on the inside 

Filled my jar up with 85 w 140 then keeping the pressure on at 5 lbs waited for it to come out the 3 o'clock hole . The instructions are vague in the operators manual you have to do this to both sides . If you do just one it won't have the right amount of gear oil because it takes a long time for oil to transfer itself to the inside. You can leave the plugs out on the inside it will be barely trickling out when your done this side .   

On to the inside ones . See barely any coming out . 

Hooking up to bottom plug on inside 

Then after it seeps out put plug in and let rest of pressure out on pressure gun . You will loose a little when detaching this time so be ready with plug . 

Just another picture 

Toro had to get me this spacer on one side of machine . Park brake wire was rubbing on tire till it popped . 

All done . check for leaks and just snug all plugs in . Warm shop and warm oil after tools are out maybe 10 minutes a side easily . 

I had also tried to vacuum oil in from 3 o'clock positon sucking it up from bottom but found it took to long .

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