Tuesday, February 20, 2018

JD 4320 rear hydraulic hook up mounts

When I came here this tractor had the lines running from the loader attachment for a rear lines hook up . They where flopping around and hard to connect at times . Had a little time to make something work for what we had already . 

 Used some 1/4 " flat stock and drilled out a 1" hole then filed it out the shape of the coupler .

Had to make the holes a little farther apart . Hard to get your hands in there for hook up otherwise . 

 Here is one installed 
 The hook up from front block .
 Making up some washers to take up rest of space in behind bar . Also filed out a regular washer to just fit over line threads .

Not to bad . Mark the points of nut then use a triangle file to start .

  Then file the flat areas in between 

 Mounted it to the roll bar
with a clamp from hardware store . 

Just a demonstration of fixing something with what you have . If there were no connection points on this tractor it may be cheaper to buy a kit for the rear couplers from JD .  

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