Thursday, February 1, 2018

Bernhard grinders end of season cleaning

Not hard to tell I love my grinders . After the winter off season grinds are done is a good time to clean them up and get them grind ready for spring .

Had a great idea this season and thought I'd share . Using the fluid vac helped with cleaning up the bedknife grinder . Also before cleaning true up your stone first . 

Had a mid season issue . The adjusters here in the pic was starting to seize up . This is a good time to clean and trouble shoot any issues . 

After draining the fluid tray I plugged the hole in base of grinder and threw a bucket of water in .Made for easy cleaning .Then pull plug and suck it out of the tray . A couple more buckets thrown in to rinse made for a quick cleanup .  Make sure power is off on grinder in case some of the wiring gets wet . I blew mine dry afterwards with no issues .  

 Took clamp all apart and cleaned it up well . Before assembly I put copper anti seize on .

scissor lift makes a nice work bench .  

A video of after . No effort to move . Was so easy to do I also did the other clamp . 

keeping an eye on this brass block for infeed. It's getting some play . A little annoying but will live with it  for another year . Adjuster turns a good half turn before it moves in the opposite direction

Another issue is were the Plexiglas has holes its cracking and breaking away . I plan to get a new piece at the hardware store and will find away to keep it in place with out the hole drilling . 

Looks pretty nice .

On to the cylinder grinder . True up stone . Adjusted belt so it has about a 1" deflection . mine had at least 2" and bolts to hold it in place were loose . Cleaned up front roller clamps 

After a good cleaning I sprayed bed liner on table top to spruce it up a bit . Looks great !!

Lift table received a good scrubbing and chains were checked and dry graphite lubed .   

They looked great for a half days work . Now when i'm ready to grind I'm good to go .No worries .

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