Thursday, January 25, 2018

Toro HDXD front bumper Quick repair

The HDX D front bumper ;looks great but that's about it . We've had all 3 come in numerous times with then snapped off . Because of the wheels being under the seat the front swings differently usually resulting in  catching the front corner snapping off the mounts . The  1st and second time I was able to repair the mount holes with washes and nuts welded to them .This guy came in and there was nothing left on the inside bumper for repair .

So I strapped it in place 

 And used my cut off wheel to make cut outs a just down from inside light finished squaring up hole with a drill bit .

Cheap 1" strap from hardware store 

Wrap around twice and I'm using hose guard from Lawsons to keep strap from shearing . 

Took all of 5 minutes and is very solid now . 

You can see the damage on the inside .

and done 

A little flat black paint an it looks Pretty good

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