Saturday, January 27, 2018

John Deere 7400 Battery removal

Posting this on my Blog .When I first starting servicing the battery on these machines I found it baffling that it was buried were it was and made it impossible to service or remove . I did ask the dealer and techs with out any luck . Even posted on social media and tech sites about this problem to no avail  ( last winter )...Did get replies from other techs about how ridicules the battery placement was .This winter maintenance season I was going to try and solve this problem. After double checking operators manual in battery service section which only states to remove the battery ( doesn't say how )  I made a plan to move battery to a new location . So looking at the left fender I was checking to see if it was part of a tank system and how it was fastened  on . To my surprise it was only held by 1 large bolt and two smaller one . Super easy to remove tank and get easy access to the battery . Take about how relieved I was to find such an easy solution .  

Take all of 2 minutes to remove .

The 2 smaller bolts for fender are on battery bracket.

One large bolt inside tray of fender .

Easy access now to remove battery for proper cleaning and blowing out areas . 
Quit a bit of rust . I'll be rust checking this area before assembly . 

Seem like a simple problem to solve !

But the product is only as good as its availability and access to proper  manuals .

JD has some  nice stuff but they seem to enjoy keeping secrets and making my job harder than it needs to be .

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