Thursday, November 16, 2017

The Links at Brunello 3rd season

Another great season here at the Links at Brunello .
Course just gets better and better ...maturing well .
Great team effort to produce a fine golfing experience .

#9 from the back tee

#16 green 

 The beast will soon be getting her tracks for ski grooming season . Won't be long now .  

My home made wings got a good work out this year . 
Throwing a few of my favorite Twitter Pics . You techs out there if your not on twitter or golftechs your missing out . Lots of reel time help vie Private messaging or open forum .The choice is up to you .  I've asked about grinder issue in the wee hours AM and received help an resolve from another part of the world ! CRAZY!!

This season I committed to grinding units  verses backlapping and front facing bedknives .Light and quick touch up grinds .  With the exception of being in a pinch I'd use the onboard backlap on our 7500s and 2500 units occasionally .

 Yep I made that . Came in very handy . Did you know that there can be up to .010" difference from bench set verses mow position as in picture above . No kidding ! even readjust cut this way to .Once the weights on the bearings it can go from no contact to slight contact . All colors and makes .

Ah yes !!! mister stripy . This guy was leaving a weird line on the tees . Checking for square and found that the drum bearings had let go .  

Had a little boo boo with a major front end rebuild . Came out good as new . Lol my alignment machine . Works great for me so far . 

Vacuum testing the bottom end of a few trimmers to see if they were worth the rebuild . My rule of thumbover 50% of worth it becomes a parts machine .  

 Haven't had a chance to try it but would defiantly work out in a pinch.

Near end of season . fuel treat what ever not going back out and finding nooks and crannies for them . 

I keep my low HOC mowers close and warm . The 5800 will make a home on the heated side of shop for the off season soon . 

 Sneaking a few spring jobs in while waiting for equipment to be done for season . 
No such thing as down time keep thinking of what can get you ahead in this season or next . 

Night cart barn . All disconnected and shut down .See you in the spring . Will have to make notes for better care to the batteries . Carts looked fantastic while getting them ready . Nice job !

Getting a few more customer grinds in . I like Buddies 1600 it has the Kawasaki engine . Nice ! 

 Joel hammered out the coring on the fairways 

It takes the entire team to get it done . These are the cream of the crop voted by their peers for 2017.

 Life is short be kind and understanding to your staff .
Explain and or teach them a better way . Most have no idea about when where why or how when their new to the business . 

Leave the thinning of the heard to your superintendent lol.
 Which I am blessed to know he has my back .
I've been very fortunate to have work at great clubs .

Hope every one winters well 

Will be gearing up and getting ready for our winter wonderland season . 


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