Sunday, October 1, 2017

Shop made mulching deck for JD 7400

We currently are running JD 8800 and 7400's . Very pleased with the 8800 but the 7400 cuts good put leaves a lot of clumping grass behind . Oh  "A NOTE OF CAUTION ON THIS UNIT IF YOU HAVE YOUR FOOT ON THE TRACTION AND YOU HIT THE PTO THE MACHINE WILL LAUNCH AT MACH 1 A GOOD 50 FEET .Only GOD CAN HELP YOU IF SOMEONES IN THE WAY OR YOU FACING A POND !!!!! "
I did price up the actual deck mulch kit but found the price a bit steep $$$.$$ for what it was . So I made some from a few old bedknives .

Took a toro bedknife and basically snapped the harden steel off about an 1.5" on both ends . The right side was pretty much a 90 degree angle the other side has a steeper angle . They welded up nicely . 

zip tied the top 

and used the original bedknife bolt hole for the side 

Pretty much the same after cut appearance as our 8800 . 90% improvement around out Tee decks . Tends to drop the clippings on cart path but the pro force Toro blowers will make quick work on the clean up .

Its amazing what you can make from scrapped bedknives !!!!
Cost of material = a little mig wire and an hours time to do all 3 . 
Its a keeper . 

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