Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Toro greensmaster 1600 squaring drum to reel and belt adjustment

Some don't see it .But cuts like this can drive me nuts . 

A while back while doing a morning drive around checking cuts I noticed a 4 " area on outside of drum not getting cut ?I did Square the reel to drum to find out later that a drum bearing had let go . 

Bearing replacement was easy and straight forward .

Invest in a bench plate . get the biggest one you can afford . Not used a lot but in this situation is the perfect tool for an accurate job . 

26" mower just fits . I strap the front down to hold reel on 1/4 gauge bar .

Front face of bedknive should contact front of bar as in picture above . We are squaring the actual reel to the rear drum drives .

In this case the adjustments are made on the right hand drum belt side . Remove cover.

Loosen 4 bolts through gear openings . You may need a pry bar to have drum fully seat on bench plate before and during tightening bolts back up . There is a 10 mm spec tolerance  for drum gap . Double check afterwards before reassembling . 

While your already here you might as well check the drum belts . Mine are checked every oil change . Guys that tend to snap them on and off will usually snap the left drum belt . 

Drum belt

Loosen back side of idler gear . By turning the front nut the camber in bolt will adjust the belt . 

Belt should deflect 1/4" at 4 to 5 pounds pressure .

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