Thursday, July 27, 2017

Shopping around Aftermarket

This is not about Toro but about the time spent looking for better deals for your club . 
Just using this example . In the past many items have come up from all colors that were I find ridiculously over priced . Techs out there know what I mean . 
We are Toro /JD split course and both have their ups and downs but in our area provide pretty good service and presentation  .

 Here is and example of what you may come across . Spiral spring for a Subaru small engine found on most Toro walkers . ( we have 11 of them )
Above on the left we have a Toro part at $66  . Upon questioning the price the dealer could get the exact product from Subaru for $35 dollars . I took a shot in the dark and ordered a rotary # for a Honda g20 engine spiral spring  for $14 dollars . Worked prefect.

Not a fan of the carburetors or pull starters on these engines .  

Pulled the pull starter off the engine 

Righty loosy in this case . 

Installed new spring 

Re assembled with a smaller size string ( suggestion on golftechs site )

Re string .

 actually starts better than the OEM and the string fully retracts now were before it would randomly stick down 4 to 5". Not just this one ALL 11 OF THEM .
$66 - $14 =$52 if I were to replace 10 more $520 .!!!! it can add up . its just a spring might not be OEM but for the price I'll take my chances . Mind you OEM is better in some cases but not this time .

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