Sunday, July 30, 2017

Back up ball picker

Part of our job is problem solving . Last season we had an issue with the ball picker (primary old fairway unit ) of course its during the time I'm off for a my 4 day long week end vacation with my kids and grandkids .
The cart staff have an MDX to transport range balls . Last winter during ball picker service I ordered extra mounts to install on machine . This way if I'm not round they can drop the wings on the 5 gang picker and use the MDX .

It was an older machine and came with a push bar already so install was quick and easy . We wanted it to be safe for the staff to use on the range so was asked to build a cage for it too . 
This way the range didn't have to close for picking .

Welding up some sturdy mounts to build on .  

Fair amount of work to get it to this point .

Now with a solid level base it was easy to weld the rest in place . 

Lots of pics at different stages . My answer to the tailgate falling open (bumpy ride) dumping a load of range ball issue .

Filling in with 3/4 mesh .

Left a large window opening .

Built a flip up cage for when its not needed . It makes your eye go pretty buggy if you don't .

Heavy duty straps hold it in easily

Made a bracket for front screen to flip onto to keep it from bouncing around .
Save a few dollars with a plywood roof and also keeps the sun off them .

Shown here almost done . Only a removable door left and filling in a few gaps . Turned out great . Staff really like it

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