Wednesday, April 26, 2017

After grinding HOC set up table for Bernhard Grinder

Seen a few set ups on Twitter and forums that the techs made systems to adjust HOC on grinding or leveling tables . The idea is to have the cutting unit weight on the bearings for adjustment . Would make a difference on lower greens HOC (height of cut ) for sure . 

Mocking up the setup .

Using the leveling plate I was able to get it pretty accurate .

Getting it laid out and ready to tac weld before welding 

Checking it out with a reel on it .

Welded a couple of stoppers on top . Found it would be a little cumbersome to get the heavy reels on at first ,Then

by a fluke it fit perfectly on the grinders lift table . 

Now after grinding they can be rolled onto the table

and raised back up to a comfortable height for adjustment 

Nice little addition to the grinder .

Check and setting HOC with accue gauge

Really noticed the difference in reel to bed adjustment when flipping it back onto roller on stand . Had to readjust . With the weight on the reel bearings I had light contact we're on bench adjustment it was near no contact . 

On more pick with the solid reel mound Toro 1600 mower.

After a season, I really like it so decided to extend the legs so I wouldn't have to bend down much for adjustments .

great addition to the grinder .

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Toro HDXD fuel pump bracket upgrade

We have 3 machines here that had failures to the fuel pump bracket .

They vibrate pretty good till it snaps the bracket 

There is a kit available if it does fail . 

Hmm took a while to figure out that the original J clip was never installed on all three machines which maybe why they failed in the first place .

My fuel lines were all zip tied of to the side 

Snipped ties off and run fuel line to location in directions . 

J clip goes on top bolt of clutch cable bracket .

Padded J clip 

New bracket installed . Not much of a difference or thickness

Rerouted line hooked back up . took 15 minutes . bracket bolts tighten up easily from underside .