Sunday, January 22, 2017

Mounting a 2" receiver on tractor

Decided to add a 2" receiver hitch to our JD 5055 E tractor. I can think of many uses for one . Primarily to have the option of  moving winch from the XUV  to tractor if needed .Plus it will make a good solid area to pull from . I'm not a big fan of pulling from the bucket especially side pulls. In the past at other courses I've seen quick attack bars or hydraulic lines ruined from improper hook ups .  

using some 1/4 stock from the scrap pile .

Picked up a receiver hitch from Princess auto and using a 2" square tube stock to weld it to .   

Leveling up plates to mark holes for drilling .

A little test fitting.

Welding everything together .



and install . Nice easy project . 

We're also adding a 12v jump station .Made a bracket to wire to frame ground and starter . 
If tractor is in need of a jump we won't have to remove battery covers and pull battery tray out for a jump . If a machine needs a jump out on the course this will make it quick and easy . 

Later I'll run wires to front of tractor to use for winch .

ran power cables to the front and installed Anderson connections

Worked out great .Now we can easily move winch from tracker to tractor .Tractor has way more anchoring power with bucket . Bucket arms have lots of clearance to winch .

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