Monday, January 23, 2017

2015 TX turf gator suspension issue

When we first started using these models one came in with a shifting issue .I noticed the shifting lever broken in two . After talking to the dealer it was quickly replace under warranty . We have 8 units 3 of the other ones were bent pretty bad . At the time we were still just hauling grass clippings . 

John Deere recommendation was to put the rear shocks on the stiffest setting and to double check that the lever was at lowest point on the shaft . Seemed to help a little but were still seeing bent levers .  

I did notice a clunk when making a sharp turn up hill onto a flat area . (even with no load 2 passengers) The suspension has changed from the ones at my previous course .( no issues ) 
Now that the warranty is over I have to figure out a cheap easy way to fix the problem . 

Taking a piece of left over 1.5" square tube stock and cutting it in half length ways I'm able to extend the bottom stop plate just enough to prevent the damage . 

Remove the stop plate and weld on the addition .


A little paint

and back on the machine . Less than an Hour to do both . 

One  of the techs at a another course was having the same problem . He made  a steel narrower shifting arm to solve the same problem . 

Nice little machines otherwise . One of my favorites


  1. If this was a problem when the machines where under warranty and you are still having the same problem with other machines i would be asking the quetion , they all should be covered under warranty especialy as more than one course is having the same problem power in numbers guys .

    1. Yes it is a problem . JD s fix at the time is to stiffen shocks ? Out of warranty now .

    2. Also most colours warranties are as failed . I had 2 sets of rear wheel bearings fail in 3 same type machines of a different colour . All replaced after failing . Must have been a batch of bad ones there good so far now . So warranties as far as I experienced is replacement if failed even if it's a known problem . To bad they didn't fix the problem instead of suggesting stiffening shocks on the TX . Now it's my problem to make it work

  2. Once they no of the problem i would have pushed to have them repaired before the warranty ran out . John from Melbourne Australia

  3. Thanks John . I did bring it up a few times . I find that sometimes with a few issue it gets shoved under the rug. I have mentioned problems to other colours to see a fabrication mod or a real fix to a known issue from their engineering department . Someone should have assess if it was a real issue or one person spouting off . Sad .