Saturday, December 3, 2016

Camso trac system Install on JD XUV

Just received some gear to be able to groom trails and do tree work in the of season .
Early Christmas Gift .  

The track system will make hauling and grooming a breeze in winter conditions .Also so will be bridge friendly . The carbide ski runners on the sleds were hard on paved areas and especially the bridges. 

Good day to install the tracks . The tracks look huge . The Diesel powered XUV will have lots of torque and power to run them .  

Nice kit . Custom made for model and bolts on . It will have to be removed to put wheels back on for golf season . 

This is one project that can't all be done on the lift . I'll do what I can before the ground work . Removing all the axle splash guards .

Tracks are labeled where they go . 

You can install some parts on the lift like the lower control arm brackets . Bolts through OEM parts .No drilling or guess work involved 

Hardware is all nicely labeled . I found if the stamped side is facing you it's in the right place . Right Front,

Torque things to spec. 

Remove adjustment link bolt 
to put on bracket .It can't be installed after the fact . Set aside both front for ground work .

Bracket will interfere with rim so will have to installed after it comes off the lift .

Set them aside with hardware bolts .

Front fender guard will have to be removed.

Also mud flap front can be trimmed back . I'll just remove ours .

Using a few blocks to get it up high enough . Going to be at least 6 more inches of ground clearance when its done . 

You can leave the rear mud flap on . 

All shocks go up to the stiffest setting . you don't want the tracks to bottom out and eat fender hardware .

Remove rear lower control arm bolt to mount track hardware .

Bracket left loose for now 

Using an alignment tool made quick work getting the zerk bolt through bracket. 

Put in top bracket lightly bolt into place .

Hardware almost ready for track. 

Now in the middle of a job and a question arises...... I would go to my files and pull up details for this adjustment on any other color of gear. Not this time .
The XUV has a slight camber adjustment on rear hub . You may want to take a reading with an angle finder before starting the rear mounting hardware . 

Install the pins in the hub to help line up track . Bolts on like a wheel . 

Once you get a few wheel nuts snugged up (use bolts from kit) remove the 2 pins .

A little harder to access them to torque down . I'm marking the ones done and turning the track . 

Rears are on .Leaving the adjustment rods off till adjustment time . 

Tracks don't look so big now on the machine .

On to the front ones . 

Like the front hitch mount . Great idea . Same as rear jack it up high .

Mounting the lower adjustment rod bracket . Notice why the bolt has to be installed first . 

Install tracks same as rear and hook up adjustment rods .

Adjustments are made here . Similar idea as a ty-rod end . 

2 bolts in middle of pick need to be loose before adjustment .Looking are the rear set .Easy to adjust loosen off till rubber bung just touches the plate then tighten bolts to spec. 

Oil changes will be a breeze on the floor .

Fronts have bubbles glued to frame for adjustment . They didn't stay on so I'll have to do the best I can and fine tune it as we use it . 

Making sure the tracks stay flat on the floor by pressing on them once in a while during adjustments 

Instructions stated to put a flat bar on to of rear track wheel and measure to floor . Ideal height should be 1 foot 3/8 " . To get their measurement I was left with very little thread  in adjuster so opted out to measure exposed thread length and equaled both sides . Will fine tune it later to get the feel we need . Front adjustments affect steering (hard or soft )and track speed  (track chatter at higher speed) one affects the other so will look for a happy medium once its out a few times . 

A good 16" clearance . 

Like a ski-doo track recommend running them in wet or snow conditions . I'd stay off the dry paved cart paths to reduce track wear . 

Good to Go .

Had to check it out .  Feels good . Once tracks wear in a bit should be great . up a 45 degree small grade by shop in 2 wd . Machine didn't even notice it was there.

Overall first time install was pretty good day project . Next time maybe a half day .
XUV 855D and Camso tracs  .........Awesome !!!!

Had it out with the groomer the other day going through 2 ft. drifts . Lol no pics I was pretty chilled !! Works great !!
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