Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Hold down clamp for reels with rear roller brush kits

I was having an issue trying to find a way to hold down the rear roller with brush kits  on my Bernhard 3000 Express Dual .

I had an old club car leave spring in the scrap pile . It is the perfect solution .With the spring action of the leave spring it makes for the perfect hold down clamp . 
Just measured the distance I needed and cut end off spring .Then adding a piece of 1/2"angle stock and welded in place at the right angle  . Makes for a great multi purpose rear reel hold down clamp .  

A little video of it in action . 

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Building an access Gate

First time building a gate . Looked around at other site gates to get a better idea . Some interesting ones out there . 
Ordered some heavy walled pipe . Sized so one pipe can slide into the other . 

Cutting pipe down to size . 

Grinding the ends off to get a good welding surface . 

Easiest way I found was to torch out caps and clean up on grinder afterwards . 

Welding the caps on the inner pipe . Cleaned up welds with a hand grinder . Looks pretty good . My idea for capping pipe of is to give the grease a place to lay on .  

One down one to go . Guys are going to set the sono tubes and cement when there ready.

My Mig makes quick work on projects . Great machine . 

Capping the posts that will slide over the cemented in ones . Drilling and tapping for grease fitting . 

Went with a single gate covering 15' span . 

 Adding a little extra to cover the length .

Primed and ready for paint . 

All set up and ready to go . latch side measuring made easy by marking were it needed to be, pull the post off to weld up in the shop . Also installed a pinch bolt at bottom to keep this side from rotating .  

Greased and done .Nice and quite . Mornings are pretty foggy lately .I'll post more pics later .

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Water separator repair (Ball Picker)

Our Ball Picker took a hit right on one of the pressed in tubes .

There was enough material around hole to

Drill out and tap for 

a new 1/4 fitting .

During the winter service more guards were added to protect it from getting damaged again . 1/2 screen bolted to the inside of bonnet worked great .