Saturday, May 21, 2016

Torque Multiplier

I've been looking around for a tool to torque the rear tractor wheels on the 5055E .Specs  say 405 ft lbs.I did get a few quotes for tool ranging anywhere between 700 to 1000$.A bit pricey for a tool that would rarely be used . Princess Auto had one for $119 on sale a while back and rated for up to 720 ft lbs. torque ratio is 1 to 3.3 . 

Needed a piece a fence pipe to anchor one end . Setting the torque wrench to 122 FT lbs made quick and easy work of it . Good thing I checked after it came back from warranty work the right side wasn't quite torqued enough . That's normal they should be check when removed after the first use . Also used it to replace some worn out pins on the box scrapper .

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