Sunday, May 15, 2016

Rotary Lift traction fix

Love my Turf equipment Lift , the only issue is the factory traction paint doesn't last long . Especially when adjustments are done to most machines after they come in off the wash rack . 

You can see the paint gone from spinning tire to get on and off the lift .

Started by sanding the paint down to bare metal. 

with the MIG it was easy to run raised beads on wheel buckets 

Just the leading one needed to be done 

Finished took 5 minutes 

So easy to get our JD 2500E on the lift ...even with the smooth tires .
Effortless !!!

This was another great indirect Twitter post find . I noticed some had done it to their lift in one of the pictures . 

Great idea . 
Once a year they may need re-beading as they smooth out or wear . 

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