Thursday, May 26, 2016

JD 7500 verticutter front roller scrapers

We have the wire that cleans of the rear roller .The issue is the verticutters throw the clippings forward for the front roller to pick up . It will increase the front roller dimension by a good 1/2 ".After looking in the parts book I didn't see clearly if there are front scrapers available . Being in a new shop there is some left over building materials.  I happened to save a bunch of 5/16th threaded rod .

Perfect and the price was right . The front rollers are set for the +  -HOC that we use and most likely will never change . As you can see in above picture there is a space just big enough to get the threaded rod in the front roller arms . 

Fairly simple to do only took 45 do a 5 set installed .

Thread the nuts on a fair way ,more so on one end to slide in place with a backer washers . Then washer lock washer and nut on the outer end . Tighten the inside nuts till their just touching the washer and roller arm . As the outside ones are tighten it will draw the threaded rod tight . 

Cut excess off . Turned out great and pretty easy to do . Now the clippings will get trapped on rod and wipe roller . Excess clippings will drop off the back . 

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