Friday, May 27, 2016

JD 7400 tier 4 engine issue

A few days ago one of our best operators (Danny) came in and mention that it stopped mowing and wouldn't pick up any speed . He had it out for a few hours prior . With all the sensors on it and so few hours...Nick (traveling tech)for Reddin Equipment came by  to  check out the issue . Hooking his lap top to the machine and checked settings etc. determined it was a bad DOC outlet temp sensor .
 We have a lot of rough area to mow and need every unit out and mowing as much as possible just to keep up .
Down time is not an option . The part was located and air shipped next day . PERFECT.

Sorry about quality of pictures but when I see parts to put on I'm on the move even if it's 4:15 am .Sensor on the right was gone . Actually could wiggle it around . New one in .
Old one out .

Nothing makes a mechanic happier than a quick turn around with a much needed machine .
Thanks Harold Larter for making it happen and Nick for finding the problem .

Ben is out with it now . Great guys here at Brunello . They are good on the gear .

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