Thursday, April 14, 2016

More Fabrication Jobs ( Racks for landscaping tools )

Having a new shop keeps a guy busy . It's almost go time and the guys and machines are raring to go . Had some time this week to make racks to clean up the landscaping tool area . 

Our irrigation expert (Rob ) started the project last season but ran out of time . Great design on the holder bars which I reused to strengthen things up a bit . 

Making a second rack to hold the speciality items 

In the process of trying to get it right the first time . 

Added a few extra pieces to make them take up less space . 

 One of the landscaping rakes had a long reach handle . Added a few more bars to get it on . 

Organized easy access .  24 ' of racking .

The forward legs are reinforced . I can actually grab any 2 bars  pull myself up without any tipping hazards .

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