Thursday, April 14, 2016

Fertilizer spreader carrier (double wide)

Had some building material left over from building racks for course  tools ( shovels etc . ) I left it up to our Assistant Superintendent ( Joel Amirault ) the choice was 2 more single hitches or a double wide one . 
Double wide was my new fabricating challenge . 

Actually went very well and was an easy build . Materials are the same as my single ones . 1.5" square tube stock 1/8 " thick and 1.5" angle .  

Best way is to use 2 spreader and build around them ,making sure wheels sit down in the frame to axle hits on angle iron . 

Running one piece of tube stock down at the middle for the hitch point . These 2 in the rear are for the frame to sit on .  

Built a ledge and then a catch . All you have to do is lift the front and pull out ....easy

slide some spacers under to weld brackets in place . 

Mocking up the distance to the back of the cart . 

Turned out well looks great .

The hitch point is a solid 1.25" square stock for strength. 

Heating the tube stock red hot ,it was easy to just jack up an get a bit more angle to compensate for a good 100 lbs of fertilizer . After it cooled I tac welded on the sides to remove . 

 Adding the rebar here will prevent it from sagging . Worked great on the fairway dew drag . I can bounce up and down on the rear with no problems . 

Primer and paint . Great little project . Mig welders make fabrication a breeze.

a Little walk around video . 

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