Monday, March 14, 2016

Painting tines

Recently  I seen a post on Twitter about painting tines . Great idea . Won't be long as spring will be here and we will be going out in full forces . 
Painting our tines as they come in now . The idea is to make them easier to find when they loosen off and fall out. Might save a mower from accidentally hitting one out in the field . 

Started off painting them like this but

using Styrofoam made more sense to me and sped up the process . 
I'll add some pictures later when they get on the machines . 
One more tip the guys had on Twitter was to wrap a few turns of Teflon tape on the mount end to make them easier to remove . 
Everyone's starting to excited for our up coming 2nd season . 

The 864 ready to roll .

Not long now . Springs just around the corner . 

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