Friday, March 18, 2016

Fairway dew drag Update

Just an update on the rig I made for The Links at Brunello . 
Actually it worked better than expected .Other than a few bends and some modification for improvements it held up all season . To day I'm bringing the dew drag in for more upgrades . After personally using it a few times some I noticed a few areas for improvement . 

Looks pretty much like the day it was built . 

By using the square stock and spacing it with bolts you can get enough flex to straighten it out . Worked really well . 

The straight one had more of a bend than the one showed . 

 During the season some of the staff had a little problem pinning the arms after use . They were down low and a little cumbersome to use if your not mechanically inclined . 

To solve this issue I'm welding in some angle uprights and using a rod for support at the top . The rod placement will be padded to ride against the tailgate . The old design had ears that pinched the arms in place but I found some damage to the dump bed . This way it can rock back and forth not harming anything . 

Cut the lower sections not needed to replace with upright angle iron . 

Reattaching the arms . Simple ... just a bolt .

I'm adding cross chains to front of bed to help with rocking when transporting . 
Quick attach with clips on the box side . 

Reattaching rope in the same fashion . Worked great with the end caps that deflected arms up without damaging turf . 

Arm latch pins moved to this location  . Makes it easier to attach standing up .  

Just paint left and done . 
Springs just around the course . Course is looking great . 

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