Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Mobile Reel Rack

Today I'm making some reel racks . I learn from my past design not to go to high ,you want to be able to muscle the top one on easily .   

Measured and cut out all the metal needed to make them . Using 1.5 " square tube stock mostly and some 1' angle iron . 

Testing to see How it looks and fits . Was a little to high and had to change things around a bit . 

Lining everything up like this made for quick work . Weld the bars in place .

On the top section ,place a piece of angle under ( 16" apart )

On the bottom weld another piece of angle like this . It will give just enough tip to keep it upright and not tip over holding reels in place . 

Ah much better . Chris and one of the guys asked if there is going to be wheels on them ? 

My original plan was just storage 

But after looking at the Dolly I'm thinking they were right . 

Test fitting before priming and paint .

Wheels will go on later to make them mobile . Makes sense , it will save me a few trips back and forth for sure .  

Getting the primer on 
I'll post the finish product later . 

Lucked out on some cheap wheels at hardware store . Cutting out mounts for wheels .

Weld them in place

Finished priming and painting .

Used grade 8 shank bolts for and axle .

A few more pictures

Going to weld in a spacer later so bottom reel doesn't rub on wheel .

Easy to move around

Takes up a lot less space .


  1. Great idea. Are the racks easy to move when loaded? I am going to share this with our equipment manager tomorrow. Can he contact you if he has questions?

  2. Yes they are easy to tip and move . No problem