Thursday, January 28, 2016

Large area Mower head protection screens

A bit of a challenge to build on Roll Over Protection (ROP) On our 7500 fairway units and 8800 rough units. I had put on screening for a quick fix last season. To be able to service the engine it will have to swing it up out of the way to get access . Also most staff around 6' will put the seat fully back .So attaching between the ROP wouldn't work .  

Don't weld or drill into the ROP . Using these U bolts works well to attach the new screen . 

Measured and cut 1" angle and lined it with 1/2" screen .

Then measured across top mounts and drill out holes for top piece of angle iron . Picked up hinges at a hardware store to weld on so it can swing. Getting access to radiator cleaning is very important . Their blown out after every mow to prevent over heating . 

Lawsons primer

and paint are great products . 

 Hardware for bottom section all painted and ready for assembly . 

Using tri pods for paint stands to speed things up . 5 to make and 2 more for the triplexes . 

A little video of the finish screen . The bottom brackets will swing in towards seat if needed . Now the guys won't have to look back while mowing speeding things up a bit . 

Started the triplexes today . With the forward sweeping ROP some changes had to be made to make the screen work and still protect the operators head .

The hardware store is under renovation so I made clamps . Worked out really well . 

Using a piece angle across the top and a level to get the brackets on in the right spot . 

welding up the screen frames .

Clamping brackets on for welding .

Only will take a minute to take them off to weld .  

Had to add extra for head protection . Cuts in to clear inside of ROP when tipped forward for service .

Cut out and weld on screen .

On the paint rack primed and waiting for paint . 

All painted and ready to assemble . I'm using 3/8 short shank bolts to make screen swing up 

Same lower mount bracket as the bigger units . Bottom bars can fold out of the way for service if needed . 

A few more pictures . Paint matched pretty good after it dried . 

Small video of the 2500 E. Nice little mowers .

The sprayer was an easy one because of ROPs position . 

wrapped and tac welded a piece of 3/8 rod on screen and zip tied on . 

Had a set of LED lights left for extra lighting to the rear of machine . Turned out great

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