Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Building a Ball Picker 5/8/2015

Had a guy on Turfnet asking about better ideas for a ball picker . This was ours . What  a hard time trying to find it so I made it into it's own blog post . 

First fabrication project at The Links at Brunello. I learned a few things about the Mig welder set up and can make pretty good welds actually very good welds now . This is an old fairway unit . First thing I had to do is remove all the unnecessary lines and plug them . Console had to be opened up to take out lift /lower lever and PTO lever .  

Took a little doing to get an easy access to the fuel tank fill .

Mounted the wind shield and continued filling areas with mesh . 

Custom door .

Had to remove the steps to get the bracket down low enough so it could pivot up or down evenly . 

Turned out OK for a 3 day project working around a routine . A  little paint , grease and engine oil change it should last a long time as a range ball picker . 

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