Thursday, October 22, 2015

Fertilizer spreader roller stand

Chris ( superintendent ) mentioned that at a past venue they had made something to roll the spreader around the shop . 
Makes it quick and easy instead of having it palletized . 

Being in a new shop makes it challenging to find something to use with out costing a few dollars . There was a damaged roll stand in the parts room that had most of the parts needed to make one . Welded up a frame and dropped a piece of 3/4 plywood in for a base . 
It's been rolling around the shop for a couple of weeks .

 With the frost delay this morning  the crew helped me place the spreader on the stand . Pretty cool to see one of the staff rolling it around the shop with ease . 

Things are ramping up before we close the course down .
Where did the summer go!!!!
Fantastic first season !!!

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  1. This is a grt idea. Appreciate you posting them for folks like me to utilize.