Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Wiring up extra lights .

Fall is here and to take advantage of the earlier starts before Tee time we are adding extra light to give the operator a good view for mowing . Only a few key vehicles are getting them . LED was the way to go with there low amperage you can install them easily in the factory light circuit . 

Both our triplexes were installed with an extra LED facing the rear of the machine .

Great viewing for the operators when backing up.

Made a light bar for smaller tractor . Power source came from the rear tail lights which has its own  20 amp circuit , 

Wires ran up inside roll bar to feed the lights. 

I had these halogen flood and trapezoid lights to wire in . 3 in front 1 rear . I was concerned about the amps and circuit but it works out great . Otherwise I would have had to tuck in a relay in the tail light  and run additional power source from the battery .  

Rear and 

Front well lit up . 

Up next the 8800 rough units . These guys pretty much go non stop . The earlier they can get out the better . 

First I ran 2 x 16 gauge inside 3/8 split wire loom ,then mounted lights using zip ties . Never a good idea to drill or weld on a Roll  Bar ( ROPs)

Then expose the wire where needed to attach lights . 

 Not A big fan using butt joints in wiring but will use it here at the end of the run . 

These joint connectors from lawsons have the heat shrink built in . 

Already to tape

and tuck back into wire loom .

in the mid run section I'll cut into the sheathing in 2 places to expose the wire .

Strip up a a good inch off light wiring and wrap around like in picture above . 

Using my mini torch solder the wires together with a small gauge resin solder . 

First of 2 coats of liquid electrical tape. wrap with electrical tape and put back in wire loom . 

Same idea for the front light . 

Also used the same process to hook into OEM lights . Ground was run to a frame bolt . 

Lots of rear to side lighting 

 Tried it out on * rough this morning . Big improvement .

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