Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Pro-Core hauler trailer .

 Here at The Links at Brunello we have a couple of Toro 648 to use out on the course . We plan on trailering one to the outskirts to save time and a long leisurely walk . Chris ( superintendent) came up with the idea of using the extra dump box for the project . It was up to my abilities to make it happen . 

Toro workman  dump box . 

Toro pro-core 648 needing a ride . ( 1500 lbs. + )

Flip box upside down and remove unnecessary hardware .

The box is well framed but I added extra by using 3" tube stock . 2" square tube stock was used for an axle . 

Bought a couple of axles for a great price for the guys at Vesey's . Using a piece of 6"x 6"flat stock and angle iron made for a strong mounting area to slide over axle later . 

A little bit of welding and measuring and it was time to

install the wheels . Wheels (cart tires ) came from a local clearance store . 

 Welding in some 2" square tube stock to reinforce the front of box for hitch area . It's going to hold a lot of weight . 

Welding on the hitch arm . 

A little test fitting .

and test drive 

a few more adjustments .

Welded in a 1" bar for a wheel stop at the point where it has good balance one trailer . 

And were good to go .

October 2015
We had it out a few times leap frogging the aerators . Works great but I have an idea to keep it attached to the tow vehicle and still be able to tip it .

Stay tuned !!!!


  1. Hey I have been looking around at your blog and wanted to see if I could share with you the trailer we have built for the Procore 648. I don't want to 'spam' your blog so let me know if you don't mind me sharing.

    1. No problem . I pre approve post before there posted anyway . If it's home made ....great .

  2. Well it is homemade and we are going to try and sell it. The website is www.tritowtrailer.com and it was built by my brother in law who does contract aerification. Hopefully you will approve and like. Let me know your thoughts after you watch the video!


  3. Pretty slick trailer, Bob!
    I'm just wrapping one up for our ProCore made from a JD 2020 bed. I'm building ramps on the tailgate so we can off load.