Friday, July 3, 2015

John Deere 8800 wheel motor replacement .

Our 8800 wheel motor seal went in the new mower after coming back from a pump replacement . .Just one of those things that happens on rare occasions. . The other 8800 and  JD fleet are working great . We needed this guy out mowing ASAP but dealer couldn't make it out till the end of the week .  Having some time on my hands and a great shop to work out of I offered to do the job for them if they liked .  
For me it's giving a hand up to get my machine out as early as possible . 

First thing was to engage park break and loosen axle nut . You may need a good 10' extension ( fence  post pipe) to get it started .
You will have to jack the axle up pretty high off the floor . The axle housing is also the reservoir for the hydraulic fluid . The idea is to get the oil to the other side to prevent most of it from leaking out . Put a couple of jack stands under the axle and leave jack under . 

All ready 


Remove brake callipers and pads on both side of hub . Ran into a small problem . I didn't receive any 3 jaw pullers yet .  

 So ....Drilling and tapping for a 3/8 ths 16 thread I'm able to use my bearing puller .

 With a little heat and pull it popped off fairly easy . 

Remove hub and key 

Loosen off the 2 hydraulic lines 

Remove the remaining 4 bolts 

 Pretty much falls out . Lost about 1.5 litres of hydraulic fluid . 

Putting the motors side by side to move hydraulic fittings to new one . Top up the new one with hydraulic fluid to keep it lubricated till the air works its way out . Also use a new O ring . 

Connect the hydraulic lines first loosely . Then torque wheel motor down to spec . 

Reassemble in reverse order and top up hydraulic fluid . Let run up to operating temperature and move steering wheel back and forth to the stops . Check for leaks and done . The wheel motor axle nut is 160 ft lbs.( new lock axle nut ) do not put on with air gun you may damage the wheel motor . 

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